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                        Leaders book, Been All over with this thing.

   Was in the Army for a just short of 11 years as a 31C, Radio operator. Around the globe several times and got to see most of the worlds deserts. All I ever wanted was to go to a nice NATO country, but, only got to se them from airports on the way to the before mentioned deserts....

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4-43 ADA, Ft Hood, TX; Saudi Arabia; 1-1 ADA, Ft Bliss, TX; 1st Signal Brigade, 275th Signal Company, Korea; 272nd Movement Control Team, which became 53rd MCB, Ft McPherson, GA; 3rd Army EOC Egypt; 10th ASG, Okinawa, Japan; 3rd ID, 123rd Signal Bn, Ft Stewart, GA; Kuwait; Iraq (Operation Iraqi Freedom Veteran)   Was in two National Guard Units, one in Crestview, and one in Lakeland, Fl.

    For the war I was in Dco 123rd Signal, attached to Cco 123rd, attached to C Btry 1-3 ADA, attached to HHC 3-7 Cav.  Hell of a trail.


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Presidential Unit Citation, 2 Army Accommodation Medals, 5 Army Achievement Medals, 3 Certificates of Achievement, 2 Southwest Asia Service ribbons, 2 Overseas tour Ribbons, Operation Iraqi Freedom Medal, Honorary Spurs and Stetson from 3-7 Cavalry for war time support, Noncommissioned Officer Course ribbon, 3 Good Conduct Medals. Received Commendation for Security Materials management.  

Also to be added are the Iraqi Ribbon, Global war on Terrorism, and the Global war on Terrorism Expeditionary Medals

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I regret getting out now, the reasons for leaving now seem so small.  I want to continue support for my fellows soldiers.   Whether or not I support our Leaders, it is Americas sons and daughters serving and dying.  Not the politicians.  Which I find disturbing, if they can send other peoples kids to war for their ideals, why can't our leaders send their own??   Why do the Bush daughters get to tour Europe?  If you support something, support it all the way.  Blood is a stronger representation of your fortitude than words.

Where is General Patton when we need him???  Doubt he'd be in Tampa while his troops are in harms way.

A study on how the diffrent Forces would deal with a Snake

A note to people that want to burn the Flag

General Pattons Speech, we need some Old Timey Ass kick'n, not PC talk.

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