My '71 Buick Riviera



                             Click on the picture to

           See how I installed fuel injection on my 455.


My Dad's car...

paint5.JPG (53998 bytes)paint8.JPG (58332 bytes)paint7.JPG (60886 bytes)

eng11.JPG (43932 bytes)

Above: Thats me standing next to my dad's handywork.       

        This is a 54 Studebaker Commander with a 53 Grille and 55 taillights.  It sports a 289 Cubic inch STUDEBAKER V8 bored .080 over to 302 cubic inches.  Its got all the factory hi-performance Studebaker stuff on it (except the supercharger, there is only room for AC or a SC and he choose the AC).




Check out this crazy fool who built a working miniature Ferrari...


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