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"Neue Wohnstrassen?"
Meine Diplomarbeit zu Verkehrsberuhigung und Lebensqualität in städtischen Wohnquartieren
Me, myself and I - 5 weeks on the wonderful island of Naxos (Greece) with friends and an Olympus Camedia 410L Digital camera


c'est moi
Thomas Wälti

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Rotierende Erdkugel (90kB) Hi! I'm just another dot rotating through the Universe.

Destiny gave me the name of Thomas Wälti (There are another 20 or 30 of them in Switzerland, so I'm better identified by ... what? :-) I was born back in 1972. Living now in Bern, Switzerland.

If you know something about the meaning of life, please tell me...I'm still trying to get the big picture... ;-)

This is a legacy website, long abandoned. Check for current stuff...

I spent most of the 90's studying at the Geographic Institute of the University of Bern. In Spring 1998, I passed my final exams and became a "Diplom-Geograph"! Wooooahhh. So here I am, M. Sc.
My diploma thesis is about Traffic moderation - Quality of urban space - streets to live in. I'm sorry that it's only available in German (my research was Switzerland-centered), but if you're really interested, I can make you a short summary in English, French, or Italian.

While studying, I also had a job as webmaster/sysadmin for the EDK, the institute for the coordination of switzerland's education politics. There, I built up their website, including web-accessible relational databases (hey, this was a sensation back in 1996!). I also did all kinds of end-user support, training, analysing & programming and so on.

From January 1999 to the Summer of 2001, I was Project Manager Communications at the Berne Economic Development Agency (BEDA) and managing and producing site location information and promotion for the Berne Capital Area. Go and visit BEDA's website at and see for yourself why Berne is precisely where your company needs to be in Europe!

Since Autumn 2001, I'm working for Unisys (Switzerland) here in Bern as a Team and Project Manager in Software Developer. I'm happily married to Mona and have a lot of fun and loving with my two little kids - Louis was born in Spring 2003, Alina in December 2007.

As for my hobbies ... I'm playing accoustic guitar (really bad playing, even including some "singing", but I like it never the less [just ask my wife]) and gaming flight-sims all night long. Fully equiped with a Thrustmaster SWF-22/TQS HOTAS, rudder pedals, GameCommander and a "body-shaker" chair, you can find me in the wonderful world of Microprose's Falcon 4.0, THE benchmark in military jet-sims. I also like Red Baron 3D MMP, flying as "tom" in the "WON - Enemy among us - Melee". I also used to spend many an evening with Counterstrike - this is addicitive!

Check out my software for Falcon 4.0 and the PalmOS by clicking the links at the top of the page.

Too see what brought me into flight-sims, download "Sopwitch Camel" - the mother off all flight-simming....


Thomas Wälti - Hangweg 92 - CH-3097 - Switzerland - Home Phone 031 352 0331

Mobile 076 399 4440- My ICQ status is