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The Sounds of Colour
"you are a natural painter who is
also a poet"

      Lord Kenneth Clark
"Tom Wall is a painter, a colourist on a grand scale whose very summery works, even those painted in winter have a strong affinity with those late Nympheas paintings by Monet"
    NORTH EAST ART : W. E. Johnson
"What can be said, is that here is an emotional experience, the sensations conveyed are those the recipient will really feel, and for this, they deserve - and will repay - close attention"
     YORKSHIRE POST : T. Bentley
"Sometimes they positively vibrate. Wall can arrive at intriguing manipulations of superimposition, transparency and subsequent depth sensations that can produce equivocal shifts of plane"
   THE GUARDIAN : J. J. Shipley
TOM WALL 1941 - 1992
born in London in 1941, was educated at Newport College of Art and at the Slade School of Fine Art.

"My paintings have been concerned with various aspects of time for a number of years now.  For example an individual work can attempt to convey past and present time within the same image.

Scandinavian mythology is the source of some of the imagery, and the Finnish epic poem 'The Kalevala' beloved of Sibelius, has been a particular inspiration.  The imaginative and exciting contrast found in these texts, has I hope, found some echo in my paintings."
From the Kalevala:
Pohjolas' Daughter and the Swan of Tuonela
"Mr Wall's avowed intention has been to make his colour sing and in this he has succeeded.  In
'A Summer Garden', inspired, he says, by the music of Delius, there is no sleep for a crimson petal.  On the contrary, one is reminded of the reaction of a man blind from birth who was asked what the colour scarlet meant to him "The sound of a trumpet" he replied.

   T. Bentley : YORKSHIRE POST
World Wide Arts Resources Co.
"Mr Wall, in recording emotions aroused by favourite landscapes, often rises to crescendos of colour.
Here is an artist on the verge, perhaps of visions so transitive that they become revelations."

   T. Bentley