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Garbage, Version 2.0
This is a great CD. Garbage has a sort of musical energy that flows through this entire album. Although not all of the tracks are monumental, "Medication" and "Temptation Waits" will be banging around in your head for days. Especially if you liked Garbage's first album, pick this one up.

V.A.S.T.   Visual Audio Sensory Theater
Quite honestly, this is one of the best pieces of art I have ever listened to. VAST is mainly the work of Jon Crosby, who writes all of the songs and plays most of the instruments on the album. His work reminds me a great deal of Trent Reznor's Nine Inch Nails. Like Nine Inch Nails, VAST is a gateway into the psyche of one man. I have to admit that when I first got this CD, I wasn't all that impressed with it. But over time I grew to appreciate it, until I was listening to it non-stop. VAST is a fusion of electronic, ambient, and accoustic sounds that are simply beautiful. I urge you to buy this CD. Here's a link to
a good V.A.S.T. fan-site. I know there's an official one to, and I'll have that link up asap.