Talking of cumming with out touching myself, electrostim is fantastic, I first tried ‘Tens’ unit which I found very good for CBT, but nothing else. I then stumbled across a MSN community site that covered electrostim. I purchased a programme ‘Phaser’ and afterwards downloaded a free sound player along with ready made sound effects. I started using this and have tried various combinations of sound, eventually I found a couple of combinations that worked. Talk about ‘no hands’..wow I would recommend this to anyone.

All you have to do, is take the line out of the computer and place the other end into your Hi-Fi input. Now connect some bell wire to the speaker terminals (lets do it in mono first).
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PLEASE NOTE: LAS the moderator at Erotic Electro Stim Magazine commented on my electrostim method. It's dangerous, and there are much better ways and I may be doing a disservice by promoting a direct hookup to the speaker terminals of a line powered amp. I will have a new look at my method and update the website.

Now you need some connections to your cock. Without buying anything, you can try the following. Get some material, say cotton and make it into a strip about an inch wide and say 8 inches long, soak it in salt water, squeeze out the access water and wrap it around the base of you cock and balls, now do a similar piece of material and wrap it around the head of your cock. Now connect the other end of the bell wires, one to each piece of material, now you are ready to try the sounds…but remember to put ALL volumes DOWN..or you may get woken up! Bring up the volume slowly until you can fell the current..and you are away. Have fun.


For more information on setting up, and having a go yourself, visit:-



The reset for 'Phaser'

Note : Use at your own risk! I have not tested this but the author has used it on a few systems and it seems to be ok.

Using the Windows Registry Editor (REGEDIT.EXE),

Delete (or rename, just in case!) the following keys from the registry.




This will reset the 30 day 100 use period.

It has been tested it with the version available for d/l on MSN, 3.0.010420 (RC 2)
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