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alimuom n. earth vapor (especially after a light rain on a very dry surface) Cf. singaw, sahab, sangap.
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Alimuom v.3

"It can't rain all the time."
-- Eric Draven

For once in my life...
One day...Isang araw...
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        Welcome to my little place in cyber space. I have nothing really much to say, Just respect the content of my site for it is a product of my blood, sweat, and tears! (huh!). If you have something to say just drop a message on my tag board or sign my guest book.

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        I would like to thank Tyler Martin for the nice caricature of Jack Black. I like it so much. All the things you can find here are all product of surfing the net and hours of editing. If there is something here that you own and I kind of a violate your copyright, just let me know.
        I'm using MS Paint, Abode Photoshop v.6 for editing pictures and graphics, for my free tagboard, for my blogs, Geocities, and A  little hepl from my friend
J for some tips and inspiration. It is because of him I decided I should have a site of my own. Thank you J.

"The Best things in Life are for Free!"


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Alimuom V.3
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