Tone Project
Welcome to our tone project! Join us as we explore the fascinating and magical world of tone analyzation. As you travel through the different tones available on our website, we hope that you will realize, as we have, that English can be fun as well as educational!
Our Teacher Mrs. Garbis
Affectionate "Only Daughter" -Cisneros, Sandra
Clinical "Thorny Truth About Flowers" -Maharaj, Nihala and Hohn, Donovan
Comical "Marrying Absurd" -Didion, Joan
Concerned "About Those Election Results" -New York Times
Corrupt "Videotape" -DeLillo, Don
Critical "Can an Engine Pump the Valves of Your Heart" -Kilbourne, Jean
Didactic "The World of Doublespeak" -Lutz, William
Discouraged "Our Barbies, Ourselves" -Prager, Emily
Furious "David Walker's Appeal" -Walker, David
Indignant "An Appeal To Congress For Impartial Suffrage" -Douglass, Frederick
Inspirational "On The Pulse of Morning" -Angelou, Maya
Irritated "Design Flaws" -Bryson, Bill
Paranoid "The Tell-Tale Heart" -Poe, Edgar Allen
Perplexed "The Meanings of a Word" -Naylor, Gloria
Reflective "Life Without Principle" -Thoreau, Henry David
Sardonic "17 Reasons Not to Slit Your Wrists" -Moore, Micheal
Witty "How to Dump a Friend" -Rosenfeld, Lucinda
Wry "Why I Stopped Being a Vegetarian" -Fraser, Laura

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Written by:
   Paula Bezark
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