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News & Updates 8-18-02

Hi Yall Havent been doing much other then playing the box the band is still in limbo And i we aint Booking any gigs as of this recent date check back here in often though just in case we fire ole betsy up :P Iam currently layin down an acoustic all Tony cd just some orginals i have a some are covers but i like playin them many people have showed interest in this are i wouldnt be doing it so hopefully ill have a few to pass out in the next month Thanks to everyone for your support to BTW helps me move on and get back to what i love music Again ty

This That & The Other Thing

I havent heard from of my online friends my work has been MURDER!!!!! but i plan on some time off soon and hopefully the will respond to my emails for dates :P

If you got any suggestions feel free to email me @ mailto:"tonedeaf2000@yahoo.comyour comments help out alot so as to add some bitchin stuff to this site remember Iam still a NOOOOBIE at this HTML stuff

You can find more info in the booking page also please bookmark this site for future reference

We switched band sites Our new Host is going on which is maintained by StealthViper a.k.a Ken hehehhe a killer tfc player and 1 helluva guy i might add :0)

The reason for the switch plainly geocities sucks (And i am putting that lightly!!! ) i know its free but dam i can afford a few bucks hahahha. You can register a domain name at and have it hosted by Ken with the link up top tell him |-AD-|Tone sent ya :)

PS Ken dammmit LMAO get me to log on pretty please with pamela Anderson on top :P

Coming Soon:

A password protected area also a email and a signup for registered people for a Monthy newsletter :) BTW Once i can fig out how to use dhtml again kinda forgot after some time away whoooopsie ( i say disregard this cause i dont have the time as of yet ) :(