We are the answer to all of your blacktop needs! We combine quality products and equipment with three generations of experience. Through the years we have done asphalt work all over the United States. We are based out of New Caney, Texas, just north of Houston.

     Our broad base of services includes preparation for new asphalt. This means, if necessary, digging an area to be asphalted out and dumping base rock into that area. We then grade the base to level and the area is then ready. The new asphalt can then be laid in and rolled smooth.

     If you already have an asphalted area that is older and worn by the weather and traffic it receives, you may need our patchwork service. This service provides the filling in of potholes and cracks to give your asphalt the appearance of being level and smooth once more.

     An alternative for extremely damaged asphalt is recapping or resurfacing. Instead of going to the expense of digging out and disposing of the old asphalt and then, once again, preparing the area and laying new asphalt, it is possible to give your asphalt a 'new skin'. Resurfacing uses your old asphalt as a base and then a thin layer of new asphalt is laid over it and rolled smooth.

     Another of our services is truly one of the most important, it is seal coating. Seal coating is absolutely necessary to maintain asphalt. It helps repel water and replenishes the asphalts original properties to prevent cracking and deterioration for a much longer time. Sealer can help new asphalt stay looking new and older asphalt to look much newer. It is critical to maintain your asphalt's life and usefulness by seal coating every one to two years. 

     If this statement is bothersome to you then we suggest getting a couple of estimates from both asphalt companies and concrete companies. Get your estimates for both new work and maintenance and repair work. After doing this we are confident that you will see the financial benefit in choosing asphalt and providing regular seal coating maintenance.
     Toney's Blacktop Service provides for commercial and residential needs, for a free estimate dial toll free:
866-371-7804. Also, see our ad in Full Throttle magazine.