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  • About This Site

    Why do I write this page, and how do I write this page. The updating information is also contained in this page.

  • Photo Album

    Needless to say, here are the photos about me and my family. As I was told, pictures speak a thousand words. I just hope that they can tell enough about me.

  • Computers and other gadgets

    That's my favorite topic. Since a kid, I am fascinated by magic gadgets. I guess that would be my life long hobby, and, possibly, career.

  • Tips and References

    I learned all these tips from my own experience, sometimes it costs me much, in both time and money aspects. So I hope my experience can save you a lot of trouble and confusion.

  • Reading and Thinking

    That's another hobby of mine. A winter night, in a warm cozy room, grabbed a National Geographic, fascinated by the stories of ancient empires and kingdoms. Can you have a better night than that?

  • Travelogue

    I like to travel. However, it seems I always don't have enough time to indulge myself. Since I arrived New York City on August 19, 1998, my feet has touched the land of the states of Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Tennessee.

  • Selected Bookmarks

    Some useful or interesting links.

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