Malinche's Dream
Malinche?s Dream

I came across this beautiful prortrait when doing my research on Dona Marina/La Malinche.  This portrait was painted by Antonio Ruiz. El Corcito (1895 - 1964).  It was painted with oil on wood in 1939 and is displayed in the Galerķa de Arte Mexicano.

In this artwork I see La Malinche peacefully asleep in a bed that is in a room with bluish gray black walls and deep brown red floors.  It also looks as if the walls have tears in them.  On top of the green blanket covering her it looks as if there is city of some kind.  The colors that were used in this portrait are very rich and strong.  This portrait was painted with oil paints on wood.
This artwork is about the different interpretations individuals have on La Malinche.  My interpretation of the piece of artwork is this piece of art was meant for us to have different opinions on almost as if it is asking us what you see in this picture.  Personally I think the artist was trying to make a statement about the different was La Malinche is viewed. 

My judgment of this portrait is that La Malinche was viewed in different ways.  In this painting I see that the city lies upon her.  Meaning that she is the creator of Mexico, because she was the mother of the Mexican race.  Sort of as if the city rests upon their mother.

Some questions I have about this piece of artwork are:  What the artist meant by painting this picture, what was he trying to say?  Why is the portrait titled Malinche?s Dream?  Why does the wall look as if it is torn?
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