The Whore Club
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The Whores (l-r):
Tijuana Whore (Eliz); Fat Whore (J-Hard); LB Crack Whore (Sara)

All of us met at that beautiful place called The Oasis Cantina Del Lago.  Where we spent many a days working as hostesses, food runners, and waitresses.  Dropping many trays of food and constantly bitching of our lives while spending our last summer before college in a drunken, karaoke-fillied oblivion.
J-Hard and Eliz now attend Texas A&M University, where Eliz is a member of Kappa Delta sorority and J-Hard works as some sort of stapler or something for a print shop.
Sara attends The University of Texas-Austin, where she is a member of Alpha Chi Omega and Texas Spirits and was on academic probabtion after her first semester (GO CRACKIE!...she's doing better now).
We spend many nights chattin' it up on AOL Instant Messanger looking for future internet boyfriends :).
If you wanna chat, our screen names are:
     Elizabeth: tijuanastripper
     Jess: jesskharding
     Sara: smmalek
(so IM us anytime...haha)

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Thank you to: All our internet men (you know who you are!), Bobbie (WC sponser), all our real men (hiya boys: Nick, Chad, Clintin, Lance, Jim & Eric, Rusty Braces & Mary, E&D, all Oasis male whores, etc.) and everyone else that MAY deserve mentioning (which we HIGHLY doubt)!....WE LOVE Y'ALL!!