The Terra Program

- An Extraterrestrial Attack On Mankind -

dr. Tony Victor Moldovan

              Anything that is fundamentally different upsets the established order.
                            (Jean – Pierre Petit)

              Let no man deceive himself. If any man among you seemeth to be wise in this world,
              let him become a fool, that he may be wise.
                            (I Corinthians 3:18)

- Abstract -

    The Bible, The Koran, Bhagavad-Gita, The Book of Enoch, Upanishads, The Sumerian, Assyro-Babylonian, Phoenician, Hittite clay tablets, The Egyptian Book of the Dead, The Tibetan Book of the Dead, Enuma Elish, Popol-Vuh and other "sacred" writings of the humanity have been granted by gods (advanced extraterrestrial beings) in a particular way, viz. the technique of info implant under hypnosis. Having been implanted with a secret purpose up to this day, they describe the same program called by me, THE TERRA PROGRAM which is not ours but THEIRS, i.e. of intelligent extraterrestrial beings. The logic of these works is by no means a sophisticated one, what one needs is elementary insight, a certain enthusiasm in putting the pieces of information together, as well as technical knowledge of many kinds. For thirty - forty years now since we have been talking about the laws of physics, about DNA, about genetics, astrophysics, atomic physics, tachyons, vital energies and other exact sciences, to decode the above works has become possible. The small but important steps taken by the Western world in rediscovering the energy being MAN, make the so far scattered picture of the THE TERRA PROGRAM a complete one.
    The human being is slightly more than is seems at a first sight, or what western medicine teaches. The deeper we approach physiology, the more efficient energy medicine proves, the more neurophysiology demonstrates that memory, personality, the self are not located in the brains, this latter organ only being the interface of the sophisticated computer called MAN, the more regressive hypnosis discovers memories structured outside the somatic (physical) being etc., the more we rediscover today what the ancients already had known a long time ago: MAN IS BODY AND SOUL, FLESH AND SPIRIT, MATTER AND ENERGY, or to put it otherwise POSITIVE MATTER and NEGATIVE MATTER. The holographic model of the somatic being, according to which each structural unit - the cell - contains the information of the whole, i.e. the DNA information, extends to the total matter-energy being MAN. The negative matter in us contains structural units holding energetically organized DNA information. This piece of information is identical for the same being with the DNAPM (DNA in Positive Matter) information of the physical body.  In other words, the spiritual body is holding DNA information in Negative Matter (DNANM).  In keeping with the definitions given by ancient writings, the "first death" represents the death of the somatic body, meaning that the vital energies fail to put together the DNANM and the DNAPM information. Following this death, actually the death we use to speak about, the spiritual body with the DNANM marker of the respective individual begins its astral voyage. The ancient writings also describe the "second death", the death of the spiritual body that occurs under certain circumstances, e.g., by submitting the spiritual body to nuclear radiation.
    Like in a puzzle, each of the above mentioned writings provide elements of the program to round out the image as a whole. Several ancient writings (Indian – especially Chandogyia-Upanishad, Assyro-Babylonian - The Epic of the Creation of the World - Enuma Elish etc.) describe the phylogenetic evolution of life in Galaxy up to the moment when the first intelligent beings appear, able to handle gene therapies. Starting from this genuine phylogenetic knot, one can speak of the phylogenetic evolution of … creation, i. e. of an artificial evolution of galactic humanoid beings, induced by gene therapy techniques. Extraterrestrial humanoid beings, practising gene therapies from times immemorial, have given up sexual reproduction.
    The manner of reproducing, in fact of manufacturing new fellow beings belonging to the species, is to join a somatic body as obtained by cloning somatic cells, resulting from a DNAPM chain projection, to a genetically compatible spiritual body, obtained via standardized genetic engineering programs applied to "primitive" populations living on Terra-type planets. The genetic engineering programs confer THEM not only the cheapest manner of reproduction, but also a rapid step-by-step genetic evolution, the DNA mark of supercivilization evolving in parallel with the genetic mark of the genetic engineering programs. From a common phylogenetic knot came out whole branches of intelligent beings each of them born from distinct programs of genetic engineering. The beings thus obtained, called angels in the Bible, enjoy genetic therapy straight from the manufacturing process, thus managing to live for about one thousand terrestrial years. The supercivilizations in the Galaxy have also given up living on certain planets. Their entire activity is carried out in a temporality that is aberrant to us, on huge space stations that provide manifold advantages.  The above- mentioned writings describe two such technically similar stations, as discussed in my book.
    Among the advantages provided by the "galactic life" is the possibility to master the time factor. The game of temporal distortions makes a genetic engineering program initiated on a Terra-type planet last, from their point of view, no more than a few hundreds of years, while to the observer of the terrestrial linear time, the same program would last between four thousand to six thousand years. Terra is apparently the property of some supercivilizations practising economic cycles of manufacturing spiritual bodies genetically compatible with them. The present program, in whose tail we find ourselves, is apparently the fifth one. The Bible presents in a majestic way the program currently being unfolding in the time span between the Flood and the Apocalypse and inserts it between two other vaguely described programs. Other ancient writings or myths are more distinctly recalling the four previous programs.
    The advance recorded in genetics helps us understand today the former deeds of extraterrestrial beings on Terra. Whether in the ‘80s and ‘90s it was estimated that the human genome contained about 100,000 genes, nowadays, with the decisive help of computer science, we can estimate this number much more accurately, we are able to quite fairly analyse the genetic chart of an individual.
    The Human Genome Project in its course of development envisages to analysing the whole human genes sequence. Until 1999 there were several estimates of the number of genes, ranging between 50,000 and 200,000. In December 1999, after at Sanger Center the sequence of chromosome 22 was determined, a first closer to reality estimation was made regarding the total number of genes - between 30,000 and 40,000. There are mainly two research centres involved in the race of drawing man’s genetic chart: Celera Genomics in Maryland and International Human Genome Sequencing Consortium.
    In February 2001, both study centres estimated the number of human genes to be 32,000, plus or minus a few thousands (28,000 – 35,000). Until July 15, 2001 the complete determination of chromosome sequence 21, 15 and 19 as well as of variable percents in the other chromosomes (47.1% of the genome total) was accomplished. The further we go, the more exact the estimation is going to be, and we the more confused under certain aspects. It is expected that the sequence would be complete during the year 2003.
    The greatest surprise of human genetics so far is finding a much smaller number of genes than initially estimated.
    Quite unsophisticated organisms, such as that of bacterium Haemophillus influenzae (1740 genes), the vinegar fly Drosophila melanogaster (13,061 genes), the Caenorhabditis elegans worm (19,099 genes), or A. Thaliana (25,000 genes) have a rather similar number of genes as compared to that of the humans. A good deal of these is even shared, i.e. codify the synthesis of the same protein types. The first question coming to any mind is: " By what is man superior?" I can provide one of the answers.
    Natural evolution produces individuals with hybrid (mixed) genetic characters. The phenotypic expression (physical appearance) is no more than a result of the genetic characters segregation law allowing only for a part of the characters inscribed in the genome (genetic chart) to be expressed. On genome (DNA) analysis, other genetic characters appear which are not expressed phenotypically, belonging to the individuals as an heritage of their genetic extraction (parents, grandparents, great grandparents, etc.). The more racially variegated the genetic extraction is, or coming from more remote areas, the higher number of genes the individual has. The more uniracial the individual genetic extraction is, i.e. from individuals belonging to the same breeding area or even to a single family extended over a large number of individuals, the lower the number of genes inscribed in the genome is. It is worth mentioning that once the genetic chart is determined, the dream of any genetic engineer would be to simplify the DNA formula, so that he could control a reduced number of genes. Theoretically, the genes competing for the same genetic character should be removed. It is much easier to control 30,000 genes than 100,000.  But what would you say of 10,000 genes or even less? For instance, if  we for the colour of the yes, remove from the genome the genes determining grandmother’s green eyes,  great grandfather’s blue eyes, mother’s black eyes etc. and we only keep father’s hazel eyes. Do you realize that we have got in the genome all these colours that belong to our genetic extraction, but do not manifest phenotypically, because not all of them are transmitted in a dominant way? Yet, what variety of colours had the eyes of the first men? We could never say.
    You should know that gods thought the same way. Actually, gods started to call themselves gods only after the moment gene therapy began been practised. And then, in front of the big surprise of 30,000 genes instead of 100,000 we can just ask:
    Where are our genes? Or, to put it otherwise, WHO simplified our DNA?
    It’s just what this book tries to explain … and  namely that we have a DNA formula simplified by  . . . SOME ONES WHO KNOW HOW TO PLAY WITH THE GENES.
    The extraterrestrial beings are homozygous (have higher genetic purity). They have a plain, uncomplicated DNA, which makes for an ideal genetic situation: the genotype is identical, or almost identical with the phenotype. Their somatic characters are not the outcome of a phenotypical expression to compete between the genetic characters inscribed in the DNA chain, in keeping with the genetic characters segregation law. Their DNA formula, of extreme simplicity, has no genetic characters of genetic extraction and behind each phenotypically expressed character it’s nothing but the genes responsible for that character. Such simplicity makes sure for an easy genetic manipulation as well as an efficient and easily controllable means of joining together the spiritual body and the somatic body, as long as the spiritual body genetics is similarly simple and genetically compatible with the DNA mark of   supercivilization. The artificial genetic evolution stages are manifold so that even gods can no longer recognize their entire genetic division. It is worth mentioning that all this evolution has as its prime target the genome simplicity, the DNA formula simplification. The evolutionary stage of extraterrestrial beings implied in the TERRA PROGRAM is rather similar. Basically, the technical stage corresponding to THEIR genetic evolution stage, allows THEM to thoroughly analyse the DNA chain in positive matter and even to design it in the laboratory from chemical constituents (from ‘dust’). They are also able to carry out the ‘gross’ genetic analysis of a spiritual body, to manufacture the DNANM energy components in the laboratory and even perform  ‘surgery’ to these structures, replacing some unwanted fragments by some others with a view to obtain a new product genetically compatible to the DNANM structure. But just as we in the present stage of genetics cannot produce the DNA macromolecule from its constituents, neither can THEY produce a spiritual body (DNANM). That’s why THEY need TERRA PROGRAM-type programs in order to make DNANM energy structures (harvested spiritual bodes) compatible with the standard genetic mark produced at some time in the laboratory.
    The way of making the ancient populations of the Earth compatible with THEIR DNA mark is at its best described in the Bible, each phase in the genetic engineering program being shown in detail, in all its subtleties.
    As a matter of fact, this book focuses on dissecting the genetic engineering program described in the Bible. It’s about a step-by-step program of making compatible some of the ancient populations with the DNA mark of God supercivilization.
    The current program is fairly well time-framed in the history of Terra. We find out in the ‘Genesis’ that God created the world in six days, then He took a one day rest. Actually, these "days" – periods, equivalent to about 650 million years correspond in their biblical description to what modern science teaches us. Practically, the extraterrestrial intervention comes to only occur by the end of the 5th day, while placing man on Terra. We already have proofs of human being existence about 650 – 700 million years ago.
    The more detailed history described by the Bible begins about 10,000 years ago. The human development cycle prior to the Flood is relatively well described by the Bible. God designs Adam I "in His own image and after His likeness", then joins him to a genetically compatible spiritual body taken from the bank of spiritual bodies, called the "tree of life." Thus, Adam becomes alive. The projection of Eve I is much more easier. DNA – "a rib" is taken out from Adam and it is processed genetically. The Bible says that Adam I and Eve I were only alive, yet they had no "quickening spirit." They had been designed in a quite different way from the genetics of extraterrestrial beings of the biblical God supercivilization. Their role was to initiate a pre-program to match the genetic characters of earthlings from the previous program with the future genetic mark of angels. Adam I and Eve I will beget Cain, the tiller of the ground and Abel, the keeper of sheep. Cain slains Abel and thus the agricultural revolution is implemented. It is in this period that those included in the program, will change dietary habits, the extraterrestrial beings bringing with them a multitude of genetically engineered agricultural plants, meant to grant the success of the genetic engineering program. Cain’s "descendants" have practically the same genetic material like Cain’s, as they are obtained via artificial insemination from hereditary factors coming from Adam I and Eve I. Their task is to increase the numbers of those included in the program and to elevate the genetic standard of the successive generations by successive insemination of mother – daughter - granddaughter - great granddaughter, etc. This was possible due to the laboratory genetic projection of the couple Adam I – Eve I, which made it possible to reach an age of about 900 - 1,000 years. After about 1,500 years, when the newly created population acquired a certain genetic standard, the chief genetic engineer - the Lord, makes the decision to design aa new couple, this time endowed with  "quickening spirit - Adam II and Eve II. They now have the genetic mark desideratum of Lord’s future angels. Their "child", Seth, the series head of the previous program, holds genetic characters of the Adam II - Eve II type. The Bible even emphasizes that it’s only from that moment that mankind begins. Interestingly enough, Seth’s "descendants" also manage to live about 900 earth years. This because all these "descendants" are obtained through artificial insemination from hereditary factors of the Adam II-Eve II type; therefore, they have similar genetic material. Each of them creates a specific breeding area where, by successive insemination of mothers - daughters - granddaughters - great granddaughters, etc., they manage by each generation to draw closer and closer the genetic characters of the youngest descendants to those of the standard genetic mark of future angels. It’s the period in which the Bible lays stress on the fact that the daughters of men bare only daughters. There was no use for boys in this phase. When the genetic characters of the youngest female descendant came close enough to the genetic characters of the standard genetic mark of supercivilization, genetic engineers checked up the births the other way round, boys being born as a priority. This was followed by the harvesting period of these little boys, whose spiritual bodies, after a laborious genetic processing – were joined each to a physical body obtained in the lab.
    The "manufacturing" went on as long as it could keep genetically unaltered the pure series descending from Seth, Enos, Cainan, Mahalaleel, Jared, Enoch and Methuselah. These genetic series heads, having slightly different genetic characters, were the "fathers" in the "seven kinds of fruit" of the previous program. Lamech was already a hybrid, as he did not manage to live more than 753 years.
    The moment the increased purity genetic series mixed up, the "products" being hybrids, harvesting ceased and the gods immediately conceived the next genetic mark of supercivilization, obviously less sophisticated, with a smaller numbers of genes. It must be pointed out all the time that Terra is the "property" of a network of supercivilizations practising simultaneous genetic engineering programs in various breeding areas. All programs have simultaneous beginning and ending; they do probably have the same harvesting time, too. Gods co-operate at  "apocalyptic" moments. Nevertheless, most often than not, misunderstandings do appear between gods, the competition between genetic engineering programs being later on reflected in the possibility to get demographic and technical control over a certain territory in space. Don’t believe that gods’ programs are flawless. Ancient texts mention frequent order errors, unfulfilled tasks, abandoned programs … and all this because between them and us there is a  . . . genetic compatibility.
    We come back to the space of biblical God’s program, where the world had become "corrupted", the genetic series mixed up. Under such circumstances, as based on the gods’ decision to end the previous program, Noah is born, the genetic mark of the next genetic engineering program. The Book of Enoch has the merit to enlighten us as far as this aspect is concerned. Noah was something completely new. Neither did he take after his "mother", nor after his "father" – not even after the angels in heavens. Having appeared via laboratory projection and uterine implant, Noah was programmed to outlive the flood and be the begetter of nations. The Flood is described by all ancient mythologies. Enuma Elish - the Sumerian Epic of the Creation, descrribes the Flood as a complex deed of gods in which the entire range of mass-destruction weapons were used.  The surge of waters was only the final act of destroying the early mankind. Gods then resumed the programs with Noah-type series heads, which the saved from perishing. Obviously, besides these protected individuals, enough hybrids survived, having passed the threshold between the two programs. Noah, genuine genetic mark, would succeed in living 950 years. His sons, Shem, Ham and Japheth genetically designed in a quite different manner, served to different goals. On Shem’s line, the genealogical tree was to evolve so that it would create later on the Hebrew people. Ham and Japheth had been designed to create the genetic bed of the Hebrew people. With the lapse of time, the genetic characters inherited from Noah would get lost in the big pile, so that the descendants lived less and less. During that period of about 1,230 years, confined in time between the Flood and Jacob (Israel)’s birth, two major actions take place: one to prepare and process the genetic bed on which the future Hebrew people was to be implanted and one to continually increase the compatibility of the genetic characters of the Hebrew people’s former tree. It is easy to demonstrate that this tree is sprinkled at every turning with important "genetic knots", the outcomes of uterine implants with controlled genetic material. Abraham, Isaac and Jacob are such "genetic knots." These latter had a twofold function, i.e., one in the central genealogical tree, and one as a genetic bed, by the insemination of a large number of  "kept mistresses". When the genetic bed was ready, the chief genetic engineer started to create the twelve increased purity genetic series of the Hebrew people. Of Jacob’s "genetic knot" the twelve children – series heads were apparently born. It is easy to demonstrate and at free sight for a technical eye that all the twelve are the outcome of uterine implants with genetically controlled material. The story of these children is quite interesting. It’s not by chance that Joseph arrives to Egypt where a different program was going on under the wand of other slightly genetically different gods. Under the excuse of the famine in Canaan, the eleven brothers arrive after some time at Joseph in the rich Egypt. The Bible, majestically devised, lets us easily verify that the much proclaimed famine in Canaan is but a bugbear. The eleven brothers have not reached Egypt after two years of famine, but after eighty years since the return of Jacob’s family to Canaan. The obvious genetic, racial differences, between the ancient Egyptians and the Jews, prevented the two populations to mix up. This fact is fairly well emphasized by the Bible.  The numeric increase without hybridization risk (mixing of populations) is the major reason, of genetic order, why the chief genetic engineer transfers his product to Egypt. Had this small population group stayed in Canaan, it could have been at great risk of hybridization with the DNA bed that had much similar genetic characters. Concomitantly with the increase in the number of Jews, the genetic processing of the DNA bed on which the Hebrew people was to be placed later on continues in Canaan. After about 350 years, the Lord takes his people out from Egypt with much ado, on which occasion he displays a technological force that we can only understand today. For instance, the last argument of the chief genetic engineer in front of Pharaoh is the attack with the bacteriological (intelligent, selective) weapon on the Egyptians, a moment which is not commemorated, but celebrated by the Christian world as the Easter holiday!
    By far the most interesting period of Jews’ biblical history is the one spent in the desert. During this forty year interval, the people is separated from other nations, with whom they might have been at great risk of hybridization and is placed in the twelve genetic series. This is not only due to priests’ ledgers but particularly to the endowment of the Jewish community with the instrument called "ark", placed in the "tabernacle." I demonstrated in the book, beyond any doubt, that this instrument was a scanner able to analyse the DNANM (the DNA structure in the spiritual body) and to arrange each of the community members in one of the twelve genetic series or to establish a genetically hybrid structure. It was during the same period, that the Jewish people received a substantial packet of properly conceived laws, meant to successfully keep and develop the increased purity genetic series. Among these, outstandingly important is the law of non-hybridization (total ban on mixing up with other peoples), contained in the Laws of Moses. The first crops of Jews are also obtained in the desert, masked by punishments received from the Lord for some childish reasons. The entire range of devices is intensively used to ensure the genetic purity of the series, the increase in the genetic compatibility with the standard DNA mark of supercivilization and yielding a rich crop of little boys.
    Then, chronologically, the Lord conquers Canaan for the Hebrew people with the aid of modern weapons. Concomitantly, he reduces the undesired populations in a selective manner, sparing only those peoples genetically more close to the Jews. Each series is placed in a distinct breeding area, confined within geographically borders. Keeping up the genetic series of increased genetic purity allowed for the periodic harvesting of the Jews and it was carried out mainly through the action of the complex ark– non-hybridization law. The instrument called the ark technically implemented genetic control of the action of the law. For about 1,500 years, until Jesus, angels had a discontinued presence, dictated by the ark signals. This is how the ark - non-hybridization law tandem was working. The law forbade mixing up with other peoples, but no!, the Lord himself  "was giving the Jews to the peoples around them", for periods of twenty-forty years. In the meantime, part of the Jews infringed the Law, but were recorded by the ark as hybrids. According to the laws bestowed by the genetic engineer, each male Jew had to be scanned three times a year by the ark. Being a program-monitoring instrument, when it recorded 1 % hybrids, the ark started the alarm and the angels came of emergency for the genetic purification of the people. All those who "for the womb" had infringed the law were killed in front of the community, together with their descendants. Priests’ ledgers and the ark secured the accuracy of the operation. Genetic purification wars against those peoples with whom the Jews had mixed up were started immediately. Waged by modern mass-destruction weapons, these wars had a twofold goal: dwindling and eliminating the neighbouring peoples on the one hand and abduction of young virgins from amidst those genetically related peoples. The similar genetic characters turned these young ladies into ideal bearers of … Jews, as obtained by uterine implant with genetically controlled material. Thus, angels’ crops came from two sources: "children of the promise" - obtained by uterine implant, and "righteous" children, resulting from the action of non-hybridization law The entire period is characterized by the Lord’s "punishments", true massacres on his own people and setting the tribes against each other which leads to massive harvesting of one or another of course, in keeping with the Lord’s  ... needs.
    About marking, harvesting, collecting, selecting, processing the cropped spiritual bodies and the way of manufacturing extraterrestrial beings one can widely read in the book. Processing and finally making genetically compatible the cropped spiritual body takes place within the living complex God (superbeing in ethereal, negative matter, made up of a spiritual body from each standard genetic series) – Lamb (supercomputer, holder of standard DNA marks) – the river of life (an energy flow in which spiritual bodies move about) – the tree of life ( a container in which the spiritual bodies are stored), available in the stations of each supercivilization endowed with such a means of reproduction. The physiology of the above living complex and the means of controlling and shaping a cropped compatible spiritual body are brilliantly described especially in the Tibetan Book of the Dead and in The Story of a Poor Man in the Assyro-Babylonian writings and are widely presented in my book.
    Terra functioned for all supercivilizations involved in the Terra Programme as a manufacturer of "finished products", each cropped spiritual body being thoroughly genetically processed, fit to join an angel soma (body).  Such a thing was possible by copying the living systems of the God – Lamb – river of life – tree of life type available in the supercivilization stations in the Galaxy, in the bases inside the Earth. After the Flood, God’s  (Jews’ God) supercivilization changed the DNA mark and developed, in ancient Palestine, a new program in twelve genetic series, more efficient in inducing genetic purity than the previous program. Changing the genetic mark is no trifle. Part of the supercivilization in the geographic area between the Near and Middle East could not follow the new DNA mark standard. The genetic split of this supercivilization was translated into a geographic, military, political split. The two fractions: of Biblical God, more efficient in homozygote manufacturing and of Satan, which continued a program in seven increased purity genetic series, permanently sabotaged each other and waged wars in the sky of Terra. The biblical God’s supercivilization remained the holder of the large cubic cosmic base, the "New heaven, the new earth, the new Jerusalem", brilliantly described in the Bible, while Satan and his angels controlled the inner Earth base, the Moon, and probably part of the other bases in the solar system.
    The Jewish program was economically operated for about 1,500 years (between 1,500 B.C. – 1 A.D.). The political and military conflict between the two genetically split supercivilizations, materialised in the space and terrestrial wars between angels, comes to be depicted in the Book of Enoch and in the Bible. The presence of God supercivilization’s angels on Terra becomes more and more difficult the nearer we come to year 1 on the linear axis of time. For instance, the Jews’ deportation in Babylon in the year 587 B.C. only takes place because of an insufficient military presence of the Biblical God’s angels in the space of ancient Canaan. The underlying reason for these events is mainly to be found in the Book of Enoch. The Jews’ captivity represents, as a matter of fact, an infusion of genetic simplicity into a less efficient program as far as homozygoting is concerned. Biblical God’s program is rehabilitated after 70 years. That was the linear terrestrial time necessary for a teleported military expedition to reach Terra from a space base. The Koran gives the time scale of a temporal distortion due to teleportation: "whereby ascend the angels and the Spirit unto Him in a day whose length is fifty thousand years" (The Sura of the Ascents), i.e., one minute of teleportation = 35 years. In the next mission of biblical God’s angels, taking place in the time of the Maccabees, the fight with the angels of the neighbouring programs becomes even more strenuous and takes place right above Jerusalem, a fact mentioned in the Bible. The program becomes extremely hard to keep and to control. In such a situation, God supercivilization has tried to destroy all genetic engineering programs on Terra. This is the reason why Jesus appears, the one who brings ‘the new law" meant to bring about the "redemption of sins." The only biblical sin was to infringe the law of non-hybridization laid down by Moses. Jesus deliberately leaves out the non-hybridization law from the new law and makes place for the free hybridization of series (mixing up of series) until then pure from the genetic point of view. Moreover, he tries to propagate the new law to "all nations", attempting to destroy the other gods’ programs with a view to dwindling the reproduction of galactic competitors.
    God supercivilization left Terra about two thousand years ago, after a period in which it was the main counter of our linear time. Before vanishing, it carried out three important temporal distortions anchored in our future to check up the destruction of the present program and offering us information on the end history of our civilization.
    I have previously pointed out that the program carried out by the Biblical God’s angels is not the only one. The present day human races and the existing racial subtypes are nothing but the continuation of genetic engineering programs carried out by various extraterrestrial supercivilizations "in the image and after the likeness of their own god", i.e., in keeping with a standard genetic mark. The book includes the analysis of old texts also describing other programs in the Middle and Near East - Phoenicia, Assyria, Babylon, Summer (Sumer) – in Greece, Egypt, Dacia, India, and in Central America. In India, for instance, the deities called "the Four Great Manu" were unfolding a program over four increased purity genetic series called castes. In Central America the programs were carried out over seven increased purity genetic series, the latest harvests being cropped by the arrival of Europeans in the "New World". I have written in detail about the human harvesting practised in antiquity, about the way in which gods, by means of brain and info implants mounted to personalities of the antique world, managed to manipulate history to their own end, managed to determine personalities to start paradoxical wars, with the well known finality, necessary to human harvests of certain types. On reading this book you will start viewing with different eyes the rise and fall of Babylon, Assyria, or the military campaign of Alexander the Great.
    After stage setting of the Jesus act, the "new law" could be hardly obstructed. Peoples with high genetic purity, such as for instance the Dacians, "the most righteous of the Thracians" (Herodotus), gave up their religion, which contained some form of the non-hybridization law and adopted the Christian one. As this latter one did not contain a non-hybridization law, with the lapse of time, these peoples ceased to be attractive – even to their own gods. The only people in the zone who did not accept the Christian religion was … the Jewish one, who unable to grasp the subtlety of the new law, continued to obey as much as possible the old law, even if they have somehow lost their tribes. Under such circumstances, even at a lower genetic purity, the Jews became attractive for the gods of other programs carried out with less pure genetic mark. It’s on that background that the Crusades emerge, ending in a great number of victims among the Jews. The oppression and decimation of this people along the centuries also implies harvests of high genetic purity spiritual bodies.
    Virtually, the latest 2000 years of our history have been under the control of gods holding intraterrestrial bases, called by me in this book – the Intraterrestrial World. This hidden world, chiefly responsible for the UFO phenomenon, has a rather similar technique to God supercivilization and lies at the foundation of man’s technical advancement, "pushed" on to the present stage via the technique of info implant under hypnosis. The same world, with the aid of info implantat technique and by subduing man’s will, could manipulate the contemporary history by using the best receivers of info implants - the Jews. Whether in the antiquity gods manipulated history by means of wars, military paradoxes, with a view to acquiring compatible spiritual bodies, you should know that nothing in contemporary history is mere accident. For instance, WW II had two goals: an important harvest of Jews and creation of the state of Israel. Interestingly enough, Hitler – the number one actor of this antic play gave a hand to the implementation of both goals. The Holocaust of the six million Jews meant a genuine piece of "merchandise" to the Intraterrestrial World who traded state-of-the-art technology for UFO-type propeller spaceships. At the same time, Hitler financed and co-worked with the ultraradical Stern group envisaging the liberation of  Palestine! Creation of the state of Israel is an interesting affair of the past century, as gods traded with the Allies the technology necessary to the "Philadelphia" experiment. Why all this? The program is about its final sequences. "Gods" make sure of the last crops. Harvesting compatible spiritual bodies has always been made pursuant to a genetic research to establish compatibility and to mark with a marker (genetic structure unit). The marker made it possible for the migration of the spiritual body towards a pick-up. The pre-apocalyptic genetic research is a meticulous work. It has been made much easier through the creation of the Jewish state, which made it possible to put together the acme of genetic compatibility and the angels on a small location.
    After the Flood, God supercivilization mounted a sophisticated satellite to survey its own genetic engineering program, of ancient Palestine, respectively. The satellite, identified nowadays by the Terra space powers, has, among others, the mission to observe the technical level of humanity and… the level of understanding the Bible. In each chapter of this book God’s supercivilization warns mankind that the end of our civilization will be brought about by THEM, by means of a nuclear attack. The apocalyptic moment provides the spiritual bodies traps, set up as top priority by the two conflicting extraterrestrial worlds, with spiritual bodies genetically transformed under the action of nuclear radiation. "Doomsday" is a genuine genetic sorting to operate in keeping with precise criteria in each of the camps. Also, each camp is endowed with its own "hell" – "lake of fire" - destruction place of spiritual bodies incompatible with the genetic mark.
    Ancient Jewish tradition says that the sacred texts will be decoded in seven technical ways, converging, of course, towards the same conclusion. As you see, decoding the Bible presumes some knowledge in genetics and physics. When man has access to the "tree of life" - the human genome, to genetic therapy techniques, when one reaches the nuclear era, one is able to understand the secrets of the ancient writings and sees that the main enemy of man is one’s very creator – one’s modeller. The satellite senses the change in man’s affection for God and signals to God’s supercivilization station. This one turns up with a nuclear attack (apocalypse), before man can become enough technically, military advanced, before he can efficiently practise genetic therapy, eventually to change the DNA mark. So, practically the Bible, by its decoding, makes sure the coming to an end of a human evolution cycle on Terra. The peculiarity of the current program is that the satellite, this time, does not signal to the central station the change in man’s affection towards God, but reports on another, technically somehow equivalent event: the nuclear attack of Iraq on Jerusalem. This event situated in our near future has been detected by a temporal distortion and implanted as info to Ezekiel. Right after its detection, however unspecified in time, God supercivilization carried out a second major temporal distortion concerning the end time, the resulting info being implanted to Daniel. He describes in the "seventy weeks of years", meaning tens of years for us, according to the game of temporal distortions, the history of our ending, marked by WW III. The aberrant temporality of God supercivilization is joined to our linear temporality only on segments, per periods of common history. The last week of years described by Daniel is dissected in another temporal distortion offered as information to John the Theologian, in the year 96 A.D. It is characterized by a continuous presence of God supercivilization in the vicinity of Terra, and it lasts seven years, during which God’s angels will carry out the last genetic investigation with a view to harvesting the last crop of only 144,000 "chosen ones."
    The Bible and other ancient writings examined in this book have been decoded, probably in a similar way to the present one, by specialized institutes belonging on the main to the great finance. On the other hand, private institutes and persons are in a time trial for the computerised decrypting of the Bible code. "Cracking the Bible Code" by Jeffrey Santinover, M.D. and "The Bible Code" written by Michael Drosnin are quite telling in this respect. These works demonstrate that the Bible has been encrypted by means of quantum supercomputers that offer the possibility of encrypting several data simultaneously, in different ways, on a restricted number of letters. The primary interpretation of the texts offered by modern sciences (genetics, physics etc.) in the way approached by me, offers the general image of the Terra Program, without too many items of information regarding the temporal confinement of future events. On such a level, however, the work is taken over by supercomputers; which knowing what to look for (an event detectable through the primary method), can identify the confinement in time of that event. Definitely, from Ezekiel’s reports, one can assert for certain, that Jerusalem will be destroyed by a nuclear attack launched by Iraq. The information introduced into the computer is analysed by the method of spaced letters and the result is quite enlightening. The event not only is described in its turn by this method, but it also appears to be confined in time. Only two years appear to be associated with this event in the text: 5760 (the year 2000) and 5766 (the year 2006), with a statistical-mathematical probability for the latter. The situation is similar to that during the Gulf War, when NSA (the United States National Security Agency) was in possession of three probable dates of the Iraqi attack with Scud missiles on Jerusalem. The year 5760 is over. The event will most surely take place in 5766, i.e., more exactly between October 2005 and October 2006 … and absolutely nothing will be able to stop it. My opinion is that the NSA supercomputers have already found out the exact date of the event. The presence of the great Jewish finance weaponry in the Persian Gulf, the political and military embargo to which Iraq state is subjected, the entire political-military madness in the area, proves that there are some others who are also looking forward ‘out of breath’ for the crucial moment. The flight interdiction imposed on Iraq between the parallels 33 and 36 North latitude is senseless and almost certainly unable to be maintained in the near future. The anti-missile systems conceived to prevent the event … wouldn’t work. The history of the future is strongly anchored by the Iraqis nuclear attack on Jerusalem, by the moment when "the flaming sword of Babylon’s king " turns Jerusalem into slag. The ‘Rainbow’ - the satellite mounted by biblical God Supercivilization will signal to its owners that mankind is in the age of advanced technologies. In keeping with the temporal distortion game, the crew teleported on Terra will get here with a temporal distortion, corresponding to a linear time of about fifty years. According to the Book of Enoch, from that moment on, God’s angels will need fifty-eight years, for in successive generations, to be able to process the genetic material corresponding to the next DNA mark of supercivilization. At the end of the fifty-eight years the apocalypse comes to an end, the controlled, step-by-step destruction of our civilization. The computerised decrypting of this event places it in time in the year 2113. Until then, mankind will have witnessed a few important events: among these, WW III reported in Bible and by Nostradamus, will divert people’s attention from really important events, which are shaping the "end time."
    When does the war begin? IT ALREADY HAS!
    Definitely, the fall of the World Trade Center in New York marks the entrance into the last world war. To judge this on a global basis and in a cool mood is no problem; it is quite simple. THEIR program lasts for about 5875 years from Noah’s birth to the Apocalypse end. It has very distinct steps, which we have covered together in this book, such as: manufacturing the genetic mark, selecting the populations entering the genetic engineering programs, creating increased purity genetic series, the harvest time, the free interval and …the program destruction period, a period which superimposes on that of selecting and manufacturing the Noah-type genetic mark, necessary for the next program. It must be understood that THEY have time, that their time is different and that our history is planned on THEIR time scale. That’s why, the 110 years, meant to erase the present program from the face of the earth, are not too many, not too few, but probably just fit. If we look back, we see that the description of the previous program destruction varies, only the operation called the Flood being present in all myths. Being the last act of a much more complex and longer time unfolded cataclysm, it was better remembered by the leftovers of the populations surviving it. The Sumerian cosmogony Enuma Elish however also mentions the other weapons and technical artefacts employed by the gods, which preceded the Flood and essentially contributed to the erasing of the previous program traces. It is clear for me that demolishing the most technical of all these programs cannot be performed in one day. This would mean to kill the planet, and this is not going to happen. The destruction will be progressive and will first of all affect the human factor. Progressively, the infrastructure will be destroyed, while the population will be exterminated. We, with our own stocks of weapons the mass destruction ones included, will unfold a good deal of this "work". The Gods only decided the starting moment of the destructive actions chain and are the hidden conductors of this operation. Globalization, making this place one world … World Government … are words which are gaining weight. Owning information, finances, mass media gives power. The World Government however also needs weapons and since it is leaning on the richest nation, as it is quite normal, USA is the one to manufacture the weapons required to dominate, subjugate, destroy. The arms drive, which the World Government carries … alone, is meant to control the world for the following fifty years. By 2055, the World Government will destroy the technical material basis of mankind, the infrastructure of Terra as much as it possible, while to the earthling it wouldn’t look as if any extraterrestrial force is implied. The destructions owing to earthly forces will be "milder", yet more extended in time and continuous. Europe, North Africa, Middle and Near East and possibly other area in Asia will undergo systematic, continuous destructions, with important population loss. AIDS, Ebola and other viruses created on the purpose, will decimate Black Africa. South America, specialized in coups d’etat, civil wars, bloody interstate wars, the result of frontier dispute, will also significantly dwindle its population. The gap between World Government specialized technical structures and the rest of the world will go deeper. Where should we take refuge? The Siberian taiga, The North Canada Territories, Patagonia, The Brazilian Selva, The Namib Desert, Central Australia, Tibet tableland and other naturally depopulated, unindustrialized continental areas, in which the technical man’s hand is scarcely seen, are waiting for you. Unfortunately, you will ignore my warning. Almost all of us are geared in a social-economic mechanism which makes sure for the next day, which for the moment looks more important than the years to come ... A few will be able to set free. Anyhow, it’s not their descendants that will constitute the basis to build future genetic engineering programs, because they will be the providers of hybrids in those areas. Only the natural populations of those territories will be of any interest for the extraterrestrial genetic engineers.
    After 2055 nothing is going to matter. History will aggravate. The intraterrestrial world providing logistic support and scientific information to the puppet World Government will have to face the terrible clash with biblical God civilization. That’s what space technologies are conceived for.  The Bible shatters however any illusion as far as the efficiency of these technologies is concerned. In my opinion, the events described in Revelation take place between 2055 and 2113, i.e. after The Biblical God’s angels come back to the terrestrial space. The destructions reported in Revelation are due to them.
    In all these 110 years of destructions a special place is hold by the building of underground cities in the USA and in some other areas.  The genetic studies on human and animal material subjected to long lasting radioactivity, known to the public opinion as "laming of animals", studies carried by "gods" in co-operation with the Great Finance services, serve to put aside the human genetic material, necessary to start the next genetic engineering program, just like Noah and others were saved from the furies of the Flood induced by "Gods". Everything is cyclic. In fact the UFO phenomenon, in visible expansion nowadays, is the aftermath of a mass genetic research work carried out by the intraterrestrial world angels, which demonstrates that the apocalyptic moment is not too far away.
    Those who lead the world – in keeping with the interests of the intraterrestrial world, those who supply us with the official history, are in permanent contact with this hidden world. The world financial system, the system of state debts grants financial support to the programs limiting the nuclear attack from space. Supranational secret organizations, Great Jewish Finance, the Church are hiding the truth about us on purpose, in order to keep this financial system going.
    It seems that all the "benefiting" Gods in the Galaxy are interested in substituting the present human development cycle on Terra with another one since the populations of Terra are partly hybrid and by far too developed from the technical point of view. In keeping with this program, the DNA mark of the future populations will be substituted by another, less sophisticated one, as the genetic evolution of gods is towards genetic simplicity.
    This book, alongside with some others possibly being written at this very moment, will make it possible to know a good deal of the truth about us. The history segment we are crossing makes it possible to decode the ancient writings here - in Romania, or elsewhere. From THEIR point of view, this program is over as its end could be visualized. All that is left for us is to go through the history of the future together.
    We are looking forward to the future more or less prepared. Do we have the right to know at least part of the truth? Most certainly, opinions are divided even between you who read these lines. If the above lines look like shear madness to you, don’t read this book. Take it for just another fantastic story, a nightmare inconsistent with the "reality" we live in. Notwithstanding all this, you should know that what has already happened will happen again!
The Author
Translated by Michaela Iacob

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