Toni Wine
Toni Wine
Yes, I Was An Oooh & Aaah Girl
June 29, 2004 - It's going to be a busy summer for Toni, who'll be doing lots of gigs with Tony Orlando this summer. Follow the link below to her new site.
Success came early and often for Toni Wine. At 14 she starred in the ultimate Hollywood fantasy, being discovered not once but twice. First by songwriter Paul Kaufman ("Poetry In Motion"), who hired her to do a demo of one of his tunes. Secondly, while singing in an elevator, by Teacho Wilshire, one of the top rock and roll arrangers in New York. Being the dutiful daughter, Toni was on her way to visit her mom, who worked in the MGM building. She brought Teacho up to meet mom, who gave her blessing for Toni to accompany him to a session that evening with Sister Rosetta Tharpe. A student at Julliard who played Carnegie Hall and won first place in a national piano competition by the age of 10, Toni was never musically shy, which was why she was singing in an elevator in the first place. Toni always sings. Anyway, at the session, despite being surrounded by seasoned pros, she sang along to the music. At one point Teacho asked Sister Rosetta to listen to the very little white girl with the very big soulful voice, because she was singing a lick that the Sister should use.....

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