A brief look at some of my friends.
Sometimes friends are the people we see every day and sometimes they are the people
that are scattered across the globe, but we keep them close in our thoughts and hearts.
I don't update my page often, and I'm sure I've missed several friends on here.
If you'd like to be added, drop me an e-mail and let me know.

On vacation with Jeff in Dallas

This is Curtis.  One of Canada's cutest cubs

Brian and me at dinner in 
San Francisco during Folsom 97

Phil and another Jeff in Dallas
Jeff and Mikey
Jeff in San Diego. One of the greatest guys I know.

My good friend Glen in Los Angeles
Best Kub I know. :)

This is Corey in Missouri.  Awesome pup!

This is my best friend Reggie and myself
at Magic Mountain on Goliath.

Bruce at Gauntlet II in Silverlake.
He's gone but not forgotten.

This is Anthony in Toronto. Very huggable.
This is Kevin from SC. Fun to be around :)

Mark at Disney California Adventure

My good friends Ron and Marty in LA

Tony from St. Louis.  Awesome guy

Rob and Brian at Vortex
Robert from Charlotte.
A good friend who also moved from CA.

Kevin and me during Bear Pride 2001.
Had a great time.

This is Brad in Michigan. Awesome guy!

Brian from Alabama. Lots of fun!

This is Amy.  She's an awesome friend.

Bertram in Germany.  Very hot bear!

My friend Brian (aka ChgoBehr) in Chicago