Some of my favorite toys...

65 Rambler American
My first car...  65 Rambler American.. 
Paid fifty bucks for this gem.
67 Chevy Camaro
My first stab at a restoration.  67 Chevy Camaro.
Not too bad.. 
70 Porsche 914
Sold the Camaro to buy this car.  Loved it.
1970 Porsche 914
73 Chevy Vega
This was one of my more fun cars.. 
72 Chevy Vega.  I put a 350 V8 in it. :)
73 Chevy Van
My first van conversion.. 1973 Chevy Van
This was a delivery van when I got it.

Rescued this one from a junk yard.  Factory 350.. 
1976 Chevy Monza Town Coupe
75 Vega Wagon
This was my last V8 Vega project.
75 Wagon with a 350 and a 4speed.

77 Pinto Squire. V6 and loaded
Everybody likes a lil woodie.  :)
84 Rabbit Convertable
My first new car.  Was a great car, but expensive.. 
1984 Volkswagen Rabbit Convertable
87 Nissan Hardbody
My first new truck.
1987 Nissan Hardbody
72 Honda CT 70
This is my friend Mark on my first motorcycle in 1974
1972 Honda 70 that I shared with my brother Kevin.
79 Suzuki SP370
This was a pretty fast bike for what it was.
1979 Suzuki SP370
81 Suzuki GS750E
My first big bike. 
1981 Suzuki GS750
83 Suzuki XN85 Turbo
My first brand new bike.  1983 Suzuki XN85. 
Factory Turbo 650cc. Very rare.
57 Fellows & Stewart Littlefellow
This is me in my boat in about 1980
It's a 1957 Fellows & Stewart.  Possibly the last one.
81 Chevy K5 Blazer
This was my 1981 Chevy K5 Blazer
It was fun to drive, but truly a money pit.
77 Ford Van in tree at Yosemite
This was my 1977 Ford E150.
This was taken in Yosemite on vacation

This is my current bike.  Bought it on eBay. 
Took a road trip to Wisconsin to pick it up
87 E-150
1987 E150. Bought this one in 2003.
Burnt to the ground in 2005.
After the fire I decided to try out a mini-van

No Soccer Mom jokes :)
1987 Chevy Astro.

76 Nova
This is my current car.  1976 Chevy Nova.
A work in progress. A gift from my grandmother
Click on the pic to go to my Nova page

I've owned 70 vehicles to date..  More to follow.. :)

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