Have been to a lot of colleges. If I was wealthy and did not have to make a living, I'd be a professional student. I have 3 degrees in mathematics, and 1 in computer science. I take language classes for fun. I can speak spanish and english, and have a working knowlege of french and german. I have studied also latin, sandscrit, swedish, japanese, russian, and arabic. And am teaching myself hindi and urdu (which are similar in the spoken form, but completely different written) so that one day I will be able to speak to my daughter-in-law in hindi. I can also transliterate greek and korean script.

At first I resisted learning computer science, but was forced to take a fortran class, for a research project involved in computing re-entry trajectories. Needless to say I needed a computer. In this class we used punch cards to program in fortran IV. I bought a computer in 1980 and learned to program it in basic and assembly. Later I taught myself Pascal. I took a year leave of abscense in 1983 and got a MS in computer science. After many years teaching mathematics and computer science, I finally got a job developing navigation software for the aircraft industry. Since my company decided that it preferred to write software for tractors, rather than aircraft, the aircraft navigation branch in Austin was closed and we all found ourself out of work in July 2001. I have been out of work since except for 2 training sessions I gave on Java, and C++, and some java code I wrote to interpret XML date and time tags. While still working I took the 4 course sequence of java at ACC, and took and passed the Sun certification exam given for java 2. Last year I took the 3 course database sequence at the Rio Grande campus at ACC.

I'm not really taking this course for getting a job. I doubt if another thing on the resume would help. However, last year I got curious about java script and started fooling around with it. However, I couldn't get my browsers (Navigator 7.0 and Explorer 5.50) to accept function calls, and/or parameters. Since then I got rid of my Navigator 7.0 and replaced it with Mozilla 1.2. When I bought my java script book last week, I found that they worked in the Mozilla. Since the FAQ on the net were very confusing, I decided to wait and take a class on it. I have found java script more than any other language I have learned TOOOOOOO browser specific. I'd also like to pick up CGI, and ASP skills on the way. I learned to program servlets in Java class, and taught both servlets and JSP's in the Java training session I gave late last year, so I want to round out my knowledge on these topics.