Born in the Eastern European country of Romania on 15 March 1963, Paul moved to the United States to study orthodontistry.  While becoming a dentist in Connecticut, he became involved with the Casca franchise following the untimely death of Barry Sadler.  Liasing with the then franchise owner Gary Sizemore, Paul was contracted in the late 1990s to write two Casca books.  His two novels, The Liberator (Casca 23) and The Defiant (Casca 24) received a mixed reception.  Following the late publication of The Defiant in 2001 Paul's contract was not renewed and he concentrated instead on his dentistry career. 
He is currently a prosthodontist in Fairfield, CT, and has become known for his cosmetic dentistry in the film and television industries.  However in February 2008, Paul was accused of supplying illegal painkillers to friends, relatives and patients and was arrested pending a trial that was due to commence on Thursday, 28th February 2008. 
Born on 14th November 1960 in Bristol, UK, Tony has spent most of his life in his home city.  Most of his working life has been in Governmental service, including 15 years with the UK Customs & Excise and a stint in the Ministry of Defence.  In between he also spent a short time working as a security guard at a UK airport. Tony has always had a keen interest in history and this formed part of his liking for the Casca series, prompting him to start this website in March 2000.  While corresponding with the current franchise owner in 2005, Tony was offered the task of continuing the Casca story and accepted.  His 2006 novel Casca 25: Halls of Montezuma received favourable reviews.  Since then has written Casca 26: Johnny Reb and more novels are on the way.
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