History 201: American History I

Anthony A. Ball, Instructor


On-Line Lecture Notes, Summer 2001
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Schedule of Classes and Readings

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Date Topic Assigned Reading (to be done prior to class)

Part I: Pre-Colonial and Colonial Period

6/4 Introductions, Pre-Test; Overview of Course; Native Americans, Europe on the Eve of Conquest; 16th century Colonization Chapter 1
6/5 English Colonization: Comparison of Chesapeake Experience with Massachusetts Bay and the Middle Colonies Chapter 2 (We're running a little behind, will get to Mass and Middle Colonies on 6/6)
6/6 Family, Social Structure and Slavery in Colonial North America; Economics, Politics and Social Unrest to 1700 Chapter 3
6/7 Eighteenth Century America: Social and Cultural; Clash of Political Cultures; Century of Imperial War Chapter 4

Part II: Independence and Early Republic

The Movement Toward Independence (1763-1776) Chapter 5;
Test 1, covering Chapters 1-4 and classes through 6/7;
First Primary Source Essay Due
(Moved from 6/7!)
6/12 The Revolution; Problems of the Early Republic Chapter 6
6/13 The Constitutional Convention and the Struggle for Ratification (1776-1787) Chapter 6
6/14 Democracy in Distress: The Washington and Adams Presidencies Chapter 7
6/18 Jeffersonian Ascendancy: Expansion and Reform; The Failure of Foreign Policy and the "Strange War of 1812" Chapter 8; 
Test 2, covering Chapters 5-8 and classes through 6/11 through 6/18;
Second Primary Source Essay Due

Part III: Nation Building and Jacksonian Democracy

6/19 Nationalism and Nation Building; Emergence of a Market Economy; the Missouri Compromise and the Brewing Controversy over Slavery Chapter 9
6/20 Andrew Jackson and the "Triumph of White Men's Democracy" Chapter 10
6/21 The Second Great Awakening; Temperance, Abolitionism, Women's Suffrage and other Antebellum Reform Movements Chapter 11
6/25 Westward Expansion; Invention & Immigration Chapter 12;
Test 3, covering Chapters 9-12 and classes 6/19 through 6/25;
Third Primary Source Essay Due

Part IV: Slavery, Sectionalism, Secession and Civil War

6/26 Film:  Africans in America, Part 3
6/27-6/28 Masters and Slaves: Social Structure and the Institution of Slavery in the Antebellum South; The Black Experience Under Slavery; Free Blacks in North and South; The Sectional Crisis over Slavery (1846-1860) Chapters 13 and 14
7/2 The Civil War: From Secession to Gettysburg Chapter 15, pages 441-463
7/3 The Civil War: From Gettysburg to Appomattox; Reconstruction Chapter 15, pages 463-471; Final Examination Review
7/4 No Class -- Fourth of July  
7/5 Final Examination (Cumulative)  


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