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For all of you die-hard TOOTH & NAIL fans:

I decided to abandon this 'project', on which i spent a lot of time. I just can't combine it anymore with my job and other hobby's. My own band, A New Sunset, is on a roll, we're planning a small tour through The Netherlands in the first half of 2004. Check the A New Sunsite Official Homepage for more info.

I will be available for questions and stuff like that, so feel free to contact me at

Cheers & keep rockin' with The Nail!

The (Unofficial) Tooth & Nail Records FAN Homepage

For Questions, info and stuff mail us @ We'd like to remind you that WE ARE NO PART OF THE STAFF OF TOOTH&NAIL RECORDS, WE'RE JUST FANS OF T&N! So don't ask us for goodies or where you can send demos, please go to the official T&N site when you wanna do that!

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