MaryM's Original Cro-Tat Snowflake! 2001 MaryM
crochet tatting pattern. Pictures and diagrams.
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Those who needle tat will already know how to make the Rings. For those needing a bit more instruction, please see my Daisy Bullion Cro-Tat Edging and other designs on this site, for more detailed description of the stitches with lots of how-to pictures.

Materials: Cro-Tat or other long straight crochet hook, size 10 thread.

-For all rings, the beginning single loop on the hook serves as the 1st half of the first double hitch stitch (ds) of that ring.
-When making a joining to a picot, the picot loop serves as the 1st half of the next double hitch stitch (ds).

Directions, See Chart below:
-Snowflake is a Center Ring surrounded by 6 clusters of 3 rings each, worked clockwise around the Center Ring;
-the 1st and 3rd rings in a cluster are bridged together with trc;
-rings are joined with picots;
-all chains between rings and center picots are ch4;
-the last "6th" picot on the Center Ring is a "knot stitch" the size of the other picots on the Center Ring, allowing the work to proceed up to the second row.

Elements used in the Heart motif:
"knot" stitch:
Lengthen the single loop on the hook at the time to the size of the other picots on the Center Ring, and make an elongated sc, then sc again into the rear thread of the loop.
Center Ring: 5(4ds, p), 4ds, Close Ring, "knot" stitch (6th picot).
Side Rings: 3(4ds, p), 4ds, Close Ring.
Bridge: treble crochet stitch. (trc)

Starting at the Center Ring.
Make the ds and p stitches needed for the Center Ring, Close Ring, then make the "knot" stitch for the 6th Picot. Center Ring complete.

For Cluster:
Make a Side Ring, Close Ring.
Make second Side Ring, but in place of the first "picot," insert hook from back to front (to prevent twisting of the work) into the last picot loop of the Center Ring, then make 2nd half of ds. Finish making the Side Ring. Close Ring.
Chain 4.
Make 3rd Side Ring in the same manner as the 2nd ring. Close Ring.
Make a trc bridge into the base of the first ring of this cluster (the loop now on the hook serves as the first of the next ch4).
ch3 to complete the "ch4" at this point, and sl st into the top of the next Center Ring picot clockwise on the Center Ring. Cluster Made.

Repeat for 5 more Clusters, in each case joining the first picot of the first ring of each Cluster to the last picot of the last ring made on the previous Cluster.

In finishing the 6th Cluster, complete the Snowflake by joining the last picot of the last ring to the first picot of the first ring of the first Cluster, brideg as usual with trc into base of the first ring of the 6th Cluster, ch3 and sl st into the loop of the "knot" stitch on the Center Ring. Snowflake made.

Fasten off and weave ends into the back of the work. Block. Stiffen if desired.

2001MaryM All rights reserved.

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