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Vital Information:

Height: 6'6"

Weight: 299

Hometown: Hickory, North Carolina

GWO World Heavyweight Champion
GWO Coastal Heavyweight Champion
WWA Television Champion
WWA North American Champion

Wrestler/Celebrity most like your wrestler: Kurt Angle, in the early WWE days, before the bald look; cocky, like the Tom Cruise character in the movie "Top Gun"

Wrestler's Alignment and Personality: Has been a Face during his entire career but turned into a full-fledged heel after joining Legends Unlimited. Once his manager nearly overdosed, however, Magnum is seriously contemplating retirement and the fans have embraced him once more.

Catch Phrases: "What in the world?" and "I feel the need...THE NEED FOR SPEED!!!"

10 Moves you usually use in a match:
1. Suplex
2. Flying clothesline
3. The Gooser
4. Maverick Slam (full bodyslam)
5. Headlock
6. Flying dropkick
7. Armdrag
8. Cross bodyblock
9. Backbreaker
10. Knee drop

5 High Spot moves (Not seen in every match):
1. Power Bomb
2. Full Thrust (DDT)
3. Takeoff (Hurricanrana followed by a moonsault from the top rope)
4. Corner Splash (Stinger Splash)
5. F-16 (Tombstone)

Theme Music: "Destroy The Icon" by Karsh Kale

Entrance: The lights in the arena dim. An F-16 appears on a runway on the screen. As the jet begins its takeoff, the screen suddenly goes dark. The crowd begins to cheer wildly as the opening of "Danger Zone" by Kenny Loggins is heard, and the words "TOP GUN" appear onscreen, then eventually fade. This is followed by the words "FORMER ICON", which stay onscreen for 5 seconds, then fade. The words "FORMER LEGEND" then appear, display for the same amount of time, then fade. Finally, the words "FOREVER SUPERSTAR" appear with a picture of Magnum's manager and wife, Missy Blackwood, underneath, at which the crowd erupts into a frenzy. These words flash on the Blood-Tron three times. Then, red and blue pyros go off on the top of the entrance ramp. Terry Magnum walks out into the arena, wearing red, white and blue trunks. The crowd rises to its feet. Terry continues his way to the ring. Once Top Gun gets in the ring, he faces the audience and holds his arms out as he drenches in the crowd's approval. He then mounts a turnbuckle and salutes the fans, who respond in kind. Magnum then jumps down and yells "I FEEL THE NEED...", at which point the crowd responds, "THE NEED FOR SPEED!!!"

Finisher: Jet Force

Finisher Description: Hulk Hogan-style legdrop from the top turnbuckle.

Trademark Move: Gunner Stunner

Trademark Description: Magnum lifts his opponent into a suplex position. After holding the wrestler up for a few seconds (a la Goldberg), he either executes a normal suplex or drops the opponent forward in a front face suplex. Whichever one is executed first, he then sometimes follows it with the other, but not always. The purpose of the move is to catch the opponent off-guard, since he does not know which way he is going to fall or how many suplexes he will receive.

Manager: Missy Blackwood (Looks like Trish Stratus. Used to look like supermodel Jill Sharp.)

Here's some pictures of Missy pre and post surgery...



Wrestler's Bio: Top Gun has been an athlete for the majority of his life. He was a standout star in high school, winning letters in track and wrestling. But a freak accident caused a knee injury in his sophomore year of college and he was forced to give up his dream of becoming an NCAA Champion. Full reconstructive surgery was a complete success; in the meantime, Magnum earned his degree in fitness training for the physically disabled. Professional wrestling came calling when one of Magnum's closest friends, Curtis Crystal, invited him for a tryout with the GWO. Magnum's shining moment occurred in June of 2002 when he defeated Crystal for the GWO Heavyweight Championship. It was during this time that Magnum teamed up with fellow GWO wrestlers William Dollar, Coastal Champ The Titan and Tag Team Champions Punishment and invaded the WWA. Top Gun lost his first WWA bout with "Punisher" Darrell Music, but Magnum was entered into a tournament for the newly created WWA Television Title. Although most experts saw him as a long shot, Magnum defeated Karl Kintel in the final to take the championship. Top Gun lost the title less than a week later. Undaunted, Magnum fought on and was thrilled to accept WWA World Heavyweight Champion Chad "Cracker" Columbo's offer to join Icons Unlimited. At the WWA's July pay-per-view, Vendetta, Magnum earned the WWA North American Title. Many critics thought this was favoritism, claiming that the only reason Magnum won the title was because Jango Cross vacated it and Josh Swanson failed to show up for the championship match. Later that night, fellow Icons Kid Fantastic and Music showed their disapproval of Magnum's induction into their group by attacking Cracker and Top Gun following Columbo's successful WWA title defense.

Magnum continued to hold both the GWO Heavyweight and WWA North American Championships through August. During the restructuring of the WWA, new president Joe McBrady signed a match between Columbo and Magnum for the WWA Championship at the September PPV, America The Beautiful. Unfortunately, Columbo retired before the bout could happen. Discouraged, Magnum left the WWA behind and returned to full-time competition in the GWO. This also proved disheartening, as McBrady invaded the GWO in September and issued a challenge to Magnum and all GWO wrestlers. As a result of losing the match between GWO and WWA wrestlers, the GWO was forced to close for 6 months. Magnum decided to take a few months off before returning to the WWA. Another letdown ensued when the WWA shut its doors in December.

Unsure of what to do, Top Gun went into seclusion for a few weeks. Friends showed their concern, prompting Magnum to come out of hiding. To ease his tension, he returned to the world of physical therapy. Working with disabled people boosted Magnum's spirits, and, in February of 2003, he started scouting federations with the intent on making a full-time comeback. Another setback occurred when Magnum planned on coming back to the GWO once it was allowed to reopen in March; financial difficulties prevented this from happening. Magnum bided his time and decided to contact his old buddy Cracker with the intention of joining the RAWF. Just when Top Gun was ready to make his entrance, the federation closed in late July.

Frustrated, Magnum contacted old friends Titan, Punishment, and "Macho Man" Kenny Carlisle from the GWO. The five veterans opened a wrestling school in Raleigh, North Carolina, in the summer of 2003. Magnum saw this as an opportunity to rebuild his wrestling character, adding a darker side than anyone had seen before, as well as 35 pounds of muscle. After witnessing the return of Icons Columbo and Music to the wrestling ring, Magnum contacted former WWA wrestler and owner Joe McBrady with his sights set on making his return in CMW. Magnum's new character idea was to appear as "The Mystery Man." The Mystery Man initially told CMW fans and wrestlers that he was going to end the career of one of the promotion's stars.

After making his presence known in CMW, with little fanfare, Magnum entered the World Wrestling Association in late March of 2004. Top Gun wrestled a match to shake off the rust and decided he was ready for full-time action. On April 9th, 2004, Magnum made his long-awaited return by attacking Matt Korben on the CMW Juiced card. Despite asking for a match with the former WWA star, Magnum revealed his true target his old WWA nemesis, "Punisher" Darrell Music.

In April of 2004, Magnum was offered membership in Legends Unlimited, led by John Patrick. Terry accepted and was viewed as a major heel in CMW. However, Terry's manager and wife, Missy Blackwood, attempted suicide, which may prevent Magnum from competing and may also force him into permanent retirement.

In May of 2004, Missy made enough of a recovery that Magnum got Trinity Comics to sponsor him for the X-Net Pay 2 Play Tournament. Unfortunately, Missy required emergency surgery and Magnum was forced to withdraw.

Blackwood made a spectacular recovery and was well enough to return home in September of 2004. By the end of the year, Magnum and Blackwood were contemplating a one-time return to CMW. However, this organiztion closed and Magnum's bad timing did not alow him to return.

Since then, Magnum has been operating his portion of the Superstar Grappling Wrestling School in Raleigh, North Carolina.


You can find him at
with a current record of 44-42(as of 9-18-08)!

We'll keep you posted on further developments...

Magnum - In The News and in Roleplays

Roleplays are available here.

Magnum's previous matches can be seen here.

Send e-mail to Top Gun