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At the fifth elimination session, 18-year old dancer Giselle Samson of Corona, California, was eliminated from the competition. Facing a torrent of criticism regarding her lack of self-confidence, Giselle had expected the decision, but being dismissed was still tough on her. "My mom, I know she's going to rub it in my face," she explained, "because if I'm coming home, it's because I didn't do so well here."

As the house readjusted to losing Ebony in the previous elimination, Giselle continued to fret over her lack of confidence. "I'm trying," she insisted in the isolation room, adding, "It's going to be the hardest task ever."

That night the girls showed up at make-up artist Jay Manuel's house to cook dinner for him, Tyra, and a few other folks. Pasta and salad was served up to everyone, and Elyse's issues with food came up again. Adrianne expressed her concern privately, saying, "I'm really worried about Elyse. She's a smart, smart girl, but she's not fooling anybody." Kesse thought that Elyse only ate that night at Jay Manuel's because Tyra was there. Later, in the isolation room, Elyse noted, "Constantly dealing with the other girls scrutinizing what I eat and my weight really has been frustrating."

When they got back to the loft, Elyse announced that Tyra Mail instructed the girls to be ready the next day at 10:30 am for publicity training. That night, Giselle, Adrianne and Elyse hung out. Giselle remarked, "I've bonded with these girls. They make me laugh, and I just really get along with them." Later, Adrianne observed that "Giselle found out that pretending to be so negative about yourself and so insecure is a great way to fish for compliments."

The next morning, Tyra discussed why publicity training is so important: "Usually, people would prefer models to be seen and not heard, so it's extremely important to know how to conduct an interview." Cindy Berger, Tyra's publicist, introduced herself to everyone and explained, "The journalist is there for a story. A big rule is if you mess up, 'fess up." The girls were to be interviewed by Cindy, and were encouraged to confess any past transgressions that may surface about them, since the publicist should know it all.

Elyse was not pleased with this setup, nor was she pleased with Robin's attitude toward her perceived eating disorder. Later, in the isolation room, she spoke out: "Robin, you're an idiot, and frankly, you're starting to act like a bitch too." As everyone waited while Giselle was interviewed, the subject was pizza, and eyes were on Elyse while she squirmed under the attention. When the idea of getting pizza was presented, Elyse mentioned that she was looking forward to it. Robin remarked, "Girl, you know you aren't going to eat none." The assumption that she would avoid the food made Elyse furious.

In her interview, Giselle told Cindy about her "infatuation" with Michael Jackson's talent, while Kesse talked about very different things, insisting, "I'm not going to turn out like the rest of my family." Shannon declared, "Never drank, never smoked, and I'm still a virgin." Adrianne opened up, revealing, "I experimented with drugs when I was 13, and was a little promiscuous." Robin was glad she's lived her life as cleanly as she has.

Elyse's turn came, and fuming from the comments made in the waiting area, she explained that "since I've been here, there's been this whole subplot that I have an eating disorder, which is completely false, but I feel like I haven't had the chance to defend myself. " Meanwhile, outside the room, the rest of the girls hashed out the same subject. Robin wasn't shy about her assertion that Elyse doesn't eat, and Adrianne said she and Giselle thought they heard Elyse throwing up her dinner from the night before. Elyse continued, "I have never had an eating problem, and there is absolutely nothing in my past that would ever come out to back up that assertion." Cindy asked her to admit if there was even a grain of truth to it, but Elyse insisted there wasn't. Adrianne was honestly worried about her, confessing in the isolation room, "She's killing herself. There's no other way to put it. This girl is killing herself."

Later, Elyse called her mother, sobbing to a sympathetic ear over her troubles with the other girls. Saying she wasn't interested in winning the competition, Elyse added, "I need to get out of here."

Giselle took it upon herself to bring up the subject of her concern to Elyse, who said she absolutely did not have a problem. Elyse was annoyed, but said, "I'm not willing to alienate Giselle, because she's the only one with a straightening iron." She continued, "I can confidently state that I know more about eating disorders than all the rest of the girls combined."

Tyra Mail arrived, instructing the girls to dress comfortably to stay in for the evening. When Tyra arrived, she called everyone into a candlelit Tokyo room for a bonding session.

Giselle confessed that she felt her family didn't believe in her, adding that when she made the choice to come to New York, "Automatically, my whole family is like, 'You are so stupid.'" Kesse said she had told no one but the people she lived with, not even her mother, that she was competing, adding that she'd be the first person in her family to graduate with a degree. Robin admitted it troubled her that hers didn't typify a model's body, but added that she loved "every curve that is on my body." Elyse revealed her confusion over feeling the need to eat even if she wasn't hungry, because suddenly she felt too skinny. At the end of the session, Tyra incited a group hug.

In the chill of early morning, the girls gathered in Central Park for their publicity challenge. Steve Santagati, a member of the press who would conduct the television interviews in a horse-drawn carriage, told them, "We want real sound bites, we want you to be vulnerable, we want you to tell us what you really think about things." The reward for the best interview: to have a loved one flown in for a visit. Adrianne immediately hoped that she could win so that she would be able to reward herself with a visit from her mother. She noted that most of the other girls only wanted their boyfriends to visit them if they should win.

Adrianne told Steve she enjoyed the transformation from tomboy to gorgeous woman, adding that the most important thing in her life is her mom. Shannon repeated her mantra: "Never drank, never smoked, and I'm still a virgin." When Steve said it would be tough to be a model and a Christian, Shannon retorted, "Well, that's your opinion. If I set my mind to something, I can do it." Robin discussed her goal for perfection in her life and religion, and demurred at answering any detailed questions about her sexuality, saying, "I'm a lady." Kesse explained her status as a full-time student, and said with a smile, "I'm real sassy, but classy." Giselle told Steve she wouldn't pose nude, no matter how much money it paid. Elyse made a number of negative comments about the girls (all except Kesse). She believed the Christian girls would have a hard time in the industry, and had no problem herself with the concept of posing nude.

At the end of the challenge, Steve told everyone that they all did well, and he based his decision on his many years of experience interviewing all types of people. He felt Adrianne was "very real," and mentioned that when talking about religion, the Christian girls became one-dimensional. He liked Kesse's motivation and the fact that Giselle didn't let him get away with anything, but Elyse won the competition despite doing everything she shouldn't have done in an interview. "You talked about other people, you were outspoken, you said things that you shouldn't say, you were very personal. But [your comments] worked because it was real, and that's who you are." Elyse got the opportunity to choose a second winner, and glancing at a teary-eyed Adrianne, chose her. Adrianne was overcome with joy at the idea of seeing her mother, who'd never been to New York.

Wating for them at the loft was Tyra Mail announcing a photo shoot for 8:15 the next morning. Elyse was excited her boyfriend was coming, but she worried because "being in this situation has brought out the absolute worst in my personality."

Physical trainer Jon Silverman showed up in the morning to take the girls for a swim at the NY Health and Racquet club. Many of the girls balked at getting their hair wet, but Elyse was thrilled to get in the pool. Jay commented, "The star today swimming probably was Elyse, because she has been able to keep up with the group, and actually push, not just keep up. She's showing that she probably doesn't have an eating disorder."

Everyone arrived at Pier 59 Studios for the photo shoot, which was for Reebok. Tyra announced, "What we are working on today is movement. No matter how fine you are, no matter how good you look, if you can't move, you cannot work." Clinton Portis, Rookie of the Year running back for the Denver Broncos, would be posing with the girls to help evaluate how well they would interact with a male model. Daniel Garriga was shooting that day, while Derek Khan was the stylist helping the girls choose their wardrobes. Their tiny football jerseys were then torn up and "sexified," while their dramatic make-up, in Elyse's words, was to "vaguely symbolize the make-up of a football player."

Giselle was nervous to come up first, looking for reassurance from the photographer ahead of time. Shannon was a little stiffer and less flexible, but she still looked great. Kesse "is a great-looking girl, but she looks better in pictures than reality," Daniel said, "That's what a model should be." Robin was distracted by Clinton's presence, focusing on him more than her own performance.

In the midst of the shoot, Adrianne's mother, Christine, and Elyse's boyfriend, Marty, arrived for touching reunions with their loved ones. Marty felt great to see Elyse at work, even though she asked him not to watch her while she was posing. Daniel observed, "Elyse was my favorite, without a doubt. If I had a big job tomorrow, I would book her. She's just got it." He felt strongly about Adrianne as well, saying that overall, she is "a great model. She's beautiful, she had a great face, she's very athletic." Adrianne's mother was amazed that "I gave birth to such a beautiful human being."

Back at the loft, the visitors checked out the living arrangements, and later Adrianne and her mom hung out in the isolation room. "I really missed my mom, and it kicks ass to have her here," she said, "a lot of ass!" When everyone got together for dinner, Robin stayed in her room reading her Bible, much to Adrianne's annoyance. Later, Marty had this to say about the eating disorder issue: "Ridiculous... Elyse is the person [who] right after we've finished eating already wants to go to an ice cream parlor and have a Kit-Kat." During the meal Tyra Mail arrived, announcing that another girl would be eliminated the next day. When it was time for the guests to leave, both Elyse and Adrianne seemed to have benefited greatly from the visits.

Tensions were as high as ever the next morning when elimination time arrived, and the girls lined up, prepared to hear the comments for the week. The judges were ready, including Tyra, Janice Dickinson, Kimora Lee Simmons, and Beau Quillian, with press member Steve Santagati sitting in as guest judge.

Steve's first question for the girls was a tough one: "Why should you win this competition?" Robin wanted to have a positive influence on people, while Elyse strived to break stereotypes of intellectual geek versus attractive model. Adrianne wanted to add some spice to the industry, and Shannon imagined staying strong within herself in the modeling world. Giselle felt that she had "the personality for it," and that she was building the confidence to stay in the game. Kesse had always dreamed of being a model, and "I deserve to be happy for once in my life."

The second question was even more challenging: "Who should be eliminated tonight?" Not surprisingly, Robin left the answer up to God. Elyse felt Robin should go because of how her religion was interfering with her experience, while Adrianne felt the same about Robin or Shannon. Shannon and Kesse both felt that Elyse should go, each worrying over her health and convinced she was suffering from an eating disorder. Giselle begged off answering, not wanting to choose someone to go.

Next the judges showed the best photo of each girl chosen from the shoot, and Robin thought her image was only okay. She felt Clinton had been "lusting" after her, and it clearly made her uncomfortable. Janice adored Elyse's photograph, saying, "She looks like a gazelle from the American Ballet Theatre. I love this photograph." Beau added that Elyse looked a little thin, but Janice brushed that off. Kimora called Adrianne's "a wonderful photo, a wonderful example of artistic expression." Tyra was impressed that Adrianne felt free enough to model with her mother present, since she hadn't been able to do that at the beginning of her career. Shannon was next, and she was uniformly praised. "This picture is hot, " Tyra told her, "which means there is a lot more hotness in you, but it was difficult getting it out of you." Giselle's photo is "surreal, it's that good," in Janice's words. Kimora loved it too, but Tyra called Giselle on fishing for compliments as she walked off the set. This had only reinforced the criticisms Tyra had had for her during the last elimination. Unfortunately for Kesse, no one really loved her picture, with Janice going the furthest, saying, "This is the worst photograph I've ever seen."

The deliberation began with a heated discussion over Robin, since Janice and Steve both felt that she would never succeed as a model because of her weight. Tyra declared defiantly that their opinions influenced women to become bulimic and anorexic, and that the market was growing for more normal-size models. Beau and Steve both thought Shannon was terrific, and while Janice was still irritated with Adrianne's voice, they all loved her photograph. Beau admired how far Kesse has come, and Steve felt that Giselle's lack of confidence didn't reflect in her strong photo. Another debate broke out over Elyse's weight, with Kimora concerned over the eating disorder issue, and Janice and Steve both thinking she was an ideal candidate for the industry.

Finally, the decision made, the girls lined up again to receive the verdict. Adrianne, Kesse, Shannon and Robin were all handed their pictures. Elyse and Giselle were left standing, and Tyra told Elyse that while it was great that she was intelligent, she shouldn't let her ego run away with her. She also told Giselle that she was "the best in terms of movement" during the photo shoot, but her fishing for compliments immediately changed Tyra's mind. Elyse was handed her picture, and Giselle was eliminated.

"I just knew that it was my time to go," Giselle said later, after hugging everyone goodbye. But she refused to give up hope of fulfilling her dreams, remembering, "Britney Spears did 'Star Search' and she lost, and look at where she's at now. I don't consider myself a loser." With those words, Giselle melted away into the city, leaving five girls still in the running for AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL.

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