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Prologue : Brock Lesnar...What comes to mind when you think of Brock Lesnar. NCAA Wrestling Champion...WWF Heavyweight Champion...IWGP Heavyweight Champion...Now he has the chance to add another accomplishment to the list, and that is King of The Ring. If Brock Lesnar can capture title of King of The Ring, it will be what looks like one of many that he will add during his RAW Career, he has hit the scene like an F-5 hits a town in Texas, turning heads every week, no one can keep Lesnars name out of there mouth, his stock is rising faster than anything ever would on Wall Street. In order for Brock to be the King of the Ring, he's going to have to go through one of Wrestling most celebrated stars, and that is Kurt Angle. If you look at the two...the paths that they had to travel to get to the big match against each other some could say that the favor is in Kurt Angles corned and some would say that Brock Lesnar has all the momentum. Then the fact that they met up in the tag match on last weeks SLAM could be thrown into that picture, well the fact of the matter is this. The two men did what they had to to get to the biggest match of there RAW Career thus far. They had the determination that was needed to climb the ladder, Now its time that one is thrown off the top of the mountain and the other stands alone by himself, earning the Tag of King of The Ring to add to his accomplishments. Who's it going to be? Is it going to be the 96 Olympian Kurt Angle, or is it going to be The F-5 Machine Brock Lesnar? Are we going to see an Olympic Slam to finish the match, or is Kurt Angle going to feel what those before him have felt, and that is a Dose of F-5 Fury by none other than Brock Lesnar...

Scene One - Sitting at the Round table with the Kings -

\\The scene opens up once again as we are in a room with a bunch of cameras and news people, sports reporters and such have filled the room, much chatter is filling the air as There is a Large Round Table with chairs all around it on the lower level, there is also a stage that has microphones set up on a podium, after a few seconds everyone takes there seats and the chatter stops as they wait patiently for who is going to come out from the curtain, the lights go out and the RAW THEME begins to play loudly in the room, a mixture of Red and white lights go over the room tagging the people and everything in it, the curtain opens and Eric Bischoff appears on the stage with his ever so familiar grin on his face, the cameras flash and he begins doing poses, he gathers a few laughs from the people in attendance and then the lights come on prompting him to step up to the podium

RAW Co Owner| Eric Bischoff : What did you guys think I was gone? Come on, you cant keep Eric Bischoff away for long! I know you guys missed me. How could you not miss me! I made wrestling that much better when I was apart of this "Glorious" business, well not this business per say but the past federations that I worked for. Now I get to come back and be apart of Real Action Wrestling. It feels good to be back, thats for damn sure. It's been way too long to be honest. I had thought of trying to bring a fed in and take Vince down, competing with him week in and week out...and beating him like the Monday night wars, but I figured it would be much better this way, this way I don't have to bust MY ass so much. One things for sure though guys, Ive been watching the way things are going on around here from home, and you can bet your ass there is going to be some changes, if RAW doesn't get some improvements then my name isn't Eric Bischoff! I'm tired of Vince playing favorites, I'm tired of him giving the people that deserve to be in the main events the shaft week in and week out. Well guess what, Eric Bischoff isn't about screwing people over anymore, no...thats to easy. I'm going to do whats right and that is Help those stars, Like Shawn Michaels that deserve better, get what they should have had a long time ago. It's to easy to come out week in and week out and throw your power around...Now you've seen the new Eric Bischoff. But instead of me standing up here running my mouth about how I'm going to change the company lets get down to the real business at hand and that is King of The Ring. Two of RAWS Top stars are going at it for the claim to be called RAWS First EVER King of The Ring and those two men are Brock Lesnar and Kurt Angle. These man have no love loss for each other thats for sure, you can bet your ass that not only are they going to be wanting to win this match for the crown, but there going to be trying to put one another under the ring. The Stage is set, now all we need is for the bullets to fly. But it gets even better folks. Remember this is Eric Bischoff here! Ive got a great surprise for you all. You see this round table here, a table for Kings to say the least. Well I assembled a great panel of Former King of the Rings to come in and talk a little bit before everyone today...Without further delay here they are! The 1985 King of The Ring Don Muraco...The 1986 King of The Ring Harley Race...the 1988 King of The Ring Ted DiBiase , and the 1996 King of the Ring Stone Cold Steve Austin!

The Men begin to come out one by one and circle around the table taking there seats, the cameras are flashing so fast that it wouldn't be unlikely for someone to have a seizure, The men sit before all the people in attendance and then Eric begins to talk again

RAW Co Owner| Eric Bischoff : First off Id like to take the time to thank those of you who could join us for this special Occasion, obviously I would have liked to had more of the Kings be here but before us we have some of the best that ever laced up the boots, let alone win the King of The Ring tournament, now if we could, go around the table and tell about your King of the Ring experience, We'll start with Don Muraco

The Rock| Don Muraco : Well, I had many great matches in my Wrestling Career, I had a lot of success in the business to say the least, feuded with great stars...The King of the Ring for me showed that I still had what it took to get the job done, this was a couple years after me and Jimmy Snuka had our Famous Steel Cage Match at Madison Square Garden...I think people doubted my abilities up until the King of The Ring, so it was good for me to go in and shut a lot of those people up.

RAW Co Owner| Eric Bischoff : Now we will have Harley Race who used his King of The Ring victory to add King to the Beginning of his name

King| Harley Race : I signed with the McMahon's in 86 and knew as soon as I came in the organization I would need to make a name for my self, so I did. I won the King of The Ring and I took it upon myself to add King to my name, so there for awhile I was know as King Harley, and you know what? Those people treated me like a King. they got down on there hands and knees after the match and bowed before me, even if Bobby Heenan had to assist them, they knew who the king was, and they damn sure didn't forget it! After King of The Ring I went on to feud with the likes of Junkyard Dog, Hulk Hogan and Hacksaw Jim Duggan...Now Those were all great matches but it didn't get any better than having those sorry assholes bow before me! I was a king in every sense of the word...One of the Best to ever wear the Crown!

RAW Co Owner| Eric Bischoff : And with the role of King you were loved and hated at the same time, now I know what George Bush goes through all the time watching the future Kings old matches and the crowd responses they got, boos, cheers...it was unbelievable. Lets move on and see what Ted Debiase took from his King of The Ring experience

Million Dollar Man| Ted Debiase : King of The Ring, Well to tell you the truth King of The Ring wasn't one of my most memorable matches, to tell you the truth, Winning King of The Ring didn't matter to me one way or the other. It mattered to me so much that I won via Count out against The Macho Man Randy Savage, it was a nice experience to play the spoils to all those Randy Savage fans in attendance who thought that Randy would be the first time repeat King...I knew going into the match that it wouldn't happen, especially against me...The Million Dollar Man. Thats one thing I took away from the tournament, no one thought I could do it, not only did I do it, but I did it in a great way, There was no pin, no submission but utter Humiliation because he couldn't get in before the ten count. After that I went on to continue to count my money, me being the Million Dollar man, I didn't have time to remember the tournament that much, I had to worry about the people that owed me, it's not good to owe the Million Dollar man..but always remember...Everyones Got a Price...and Everyones Got to Pay!

RAW Co Owner| Eric Bischoff : Last but not least, we have here, one of the most recognized athletes in the house that Vince built Stone Cold Steve Austin. Before King of the Ring he was known as The Ringmaster, King of The Ring saw the beginning of the man we all know today Stone Cold Steve Austin!

The Rattlesnake| Stone Cold Steve Austin : Ok Eric you can cut the crap with this formal introduction service, no one sitting here at this table needs it, everyone sitting behind us knows who we are, we've kicked enough ass in our time to be able to have someone know who we are when we step outside. Stone Cold doesn't need your silly introduction, Id tell yah where you could stick it but since you took my half of the RAW Ownership of my hand, I'll let it slide this time. King of the Ring was the beginning of the Toughest SOB In Wrestling, The Ringmaster just wasn't what I was about, Im not the silent type, I like to raise hell, turn heads, and the Ringmaster wasn't doing it. I had the perfect time to change at King of The Ring. For those of you who don't remember, I went into the Final match going against that snake lovin, bible reading Sum Bitch Roberts and I stomped a mud hole in his ass and walked it DRY! Stone Cold broke out of his shell in 96, Jake had to be helped out of the ring while I stood in front of all the fans and the rest is history

RAW Co Owner| Eric Bischoff : Your right about that Steve, After that you delivered one of the most memorable quotes in Wrestling History!

With that being said Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar come out from behind the curtains, the cameras go off like fireworks as Paul stands beside Brock clapping his hands and Brock standing tall has a smirk come over his face as he looks at the Former Kings, he and Stone Cold lock eyes, Paul grabs a microphone off of the podium that Eric is standing over and Bischoff gives Heyman an uneasy glare

The Agent| Paul Heyman : I hope you don't mind me and Brock stopping by Eric, I mean when we heard that this was going to be happening we couldn't pass up the opportunity to be in the presence of these Great Wrestlers that we had the privilege to watch lace up the boots and have many many great matches through out there career. It truly was an honor, Hell I still find myself digging up old tapes and watching some of the older matches, the classics that made each and everyone of these legends careers. But Lets face the facts, none of these guys in there PRIME, when they were at there best could even dream of going one on one with Brock Lesnar and garnish a victory! They sit here and tell about what winning the King of The Ring made an impact on there career, how it enabled them to ether add King to the beginning of there name or stand before the thousands in attendance and say some fancy catch phrase that everyone will remember them By! Big Deal Bischoff! Who really gives a damn about what any of these guys did back then, its not King of The Ring Reunion, no...The only think that should be going on right now is these News guys sitting here watching these guys that are fighting for air as we speak, they should be going and hunting down Kurt Angle, hunt that man down and ask him the questions about what he is emotionally going through right now! You ask him how he thinks he's going to be able to get out of King of The Ring with the crown, sit there with your eyes glued to the Olympic Hero as he sits right in front of you and tells you some bullshit story about how it was Chris Jericho's fault. When all along he plainly said that he would take the Experience over Potential any day...well I guess the Experience of Chris Jericho was what made him loose on SLAM Monday in the Tag Match. The Experience of Chris Jericho enabled Kurt Angle to witness what it feels like to loose to the NEW BREED. Well That Experience was nothing like that of an Experience that he will gets in the Ring with Brock Lesnar!

F-5 Machine| Brock Lesnar : No Disrespect to Debiase, but you won your match by a count out...a count out Teddy. Is that even worthy of letting you be named King? I'm sure for years people have wondered if the match would have continued would you have even been the King of The Ring, would you be sitting here today? Thats something the fans are never going to be able to find out...But I'll guarantee you one thing...When It's all said and done with, when The Ref counts his one...two...three and rings the bell, there will be no confusion about who the King is, there will be no wondering for years from the fans about the 2007 King of The Ring Finals between Kurt Angle and Brock Lesnar. No, What there will be though is talks of how dominate Brock Lesnar was in his win over the Olympic Medalist, how from the opening bell to the final bell Lesnar controlled the match with out question! Everyone seems to forget that I was King of the Ring in 2002, this is not my first time in this match, and I promise you the result will be the same as it was in 2002, the only thing different this time around is Im not meeting Rob Van Dam in the finals, it's Kurt Angle. And I'm glad im going against Kurt Angle to be honest with you, I know him like a book, I know what he's about, I know what he thinks, and right now he's probably sitting at home, drinking some milk, eating some cookies, spit shinning those Gold Medals of his and thinking to himself about the up coming event between the two of us. In the back of his mind he knows im already one up on him, even if it was a tag match, Brock Lesnar beat Kurt Angle on SLAM Monday Night, and Mr Kennedy beat Chris Jericho. So as he comes and faces the media and tries to cover his loss up with some excuse, im sitting here telling you that I will be your 2007 King of The Ring, Kurt Angle is a fine Wrestler, but he doesn't have what it takes to defeat me, he doesn't have what it takes to put me down on the mat for the three count...Hell Kurt Angle can barely look me in the eyes when he's face to face with me...Sure he talked a big talk on the Jimmy Kimble Show, most of it was about what im packing, and you know what that shows me? That shows me that he already knows that this match is over...He tries to cover his fear with humor, while everyone else is laughing...Im Not laughing Kurt, no...I'm not laughing but I am smiling, I'm smiling at the thought of what will become of the American Hero at King of The Ring! It doesn't matter what you try to say your going to do, do me a favor and grow a set before our match and come at me with your best! I him you to be able to say that you gave it your all, even after the night is over and your unlacing his boots, I want him to say he gave it his all, and after that I want him to finally come to terms that I am the better man, in and out of the Ring and theres nothing he can do about it!

The Agent| Paul Heyman : I hope everyone gets the honor to witness the King of The Ring, I hope you all get to see Brock Lesnar yet again, go down to the ring and not only win the match, but dominate the match...not only dominate the match but become YOUR King of The Ring! This is not only for him but this is for all of you too! Its our job to show you that Wrestling is still very much alive, come King of The Ring, everyone is going to leave with a smile on there face, everyone is going to know that Brock Lesnar is a major player in the RAW Locker room, Brock Lesnar is Here to Stay! So please, all of you past Kings, I hope you tune in to see two former Kings go at it, and when its all said and done you will know that Brock Lesnar is forever going to be the Best King of The Ring that wrestling has ever saw! Now, we must be going, it truly was a great experience coming here seeing all of the legends again, clearing some things up, I promise you, You will see the full picture in time!

Scene Two - It Must Be Done -

The scene opens up with Paul Heyman Elijah Burke and Mr Kennedy in the backstage area in a room by there self, It's so quiet you can hear a pin drop, Paul Heyman is sitting in one of those uncomfortable steel folding chairs as is Mr Kennedy and Burke, Paul rubs his chin and begins to talk

The Agent| Paul Heyman : I don't know If I can go through with it guys. Me and Brock have been friends for quite some time, I just cant turn my back on him. He's been there for me and I for him. He's like a son to me in a sense. He makes me proud like a father is of his son. To me Brock can do no wrong...I don't know why we are even sitting here talking about this...I have to go, Don't even discuss this around me!

Paul gets out of his seat and makes way for the door, Kennedy gets up and shuts the door in his face, Paul Hangs his head looking down at the floor

New Breed Leader| Elijah Burke : Sit Down Paul!

Paul sighs and makes his way back to his seat, you can see this look of sadness come over him as he sits back down, not able to look Burke fully in the eyes at this moment

New Breed Leader| Elijah Burke : Paul, this is going to be hard but we have to do it. Obviously your opinion of Brock is very high, and I know that you see him as a son to you, so you want the absolute best for him as would I for someone close to me. I don't fault you there. But your vision is blurred Paul, your walking through the fog, and me and Mr Kennedy are here to save you before its too late...Think of it like this, If you stay with Brock, its going to be a mistake, an accident, someone is going to get hurt, and I doubt its going to be Brock. You took Brock at a early stage and showed him the way, at first he was lost, didn't know what to do so you built a friendship with him, you instilled your trust in him, you instilled your faith in him. Now, he's getting to the point where his power is getting the best of him, his ego is getting the best of him. If we don't stop him now, Things are going to get rough around here, not only for The New Breed...But for you too Paul

The Champ| Mr Kennedy : Now Come on Paul, We wouldn't do anything to that we thought was wrong, I know its hard to grasp the thought of things but its true, Brock Lesnar is going to try to take over the New Breed as soon as he wins the King of The Ring. Its a known fact. I see how he acts now, me and Burke can both look in his eyes and see that look, He's loosing trust in us and hes going to loose trust in you too. If you dont realize it now...You will when its too late, and then, we won't be able to go through with out plan, We have to do it now, theres no better time than the present...Lets do it now and get it over with so he doesn't get out of hand...For the New Breed, For you, and most importantly, For Brock Lesnar

New Breed Leader| Elijah Burke : He's right Paul. He's right and I think, Deep Down, you know it! Im telling you Paul, this is the only thing we can do, we have to cut him loose now! Lets say we don't, after King of The Ring he's going to try to tear the New Breed apart, He will start with you, obviously your the weak link so he's going to go for you because of the friendship you and him share, he knows he can get you first, then He will go for Kennedy...Then Me, That way there will be no more New Breed and not only will he be King of The Ring but he will be King of this whole federation. A dictatorship will be in effect...A modern day Adolph Hitler is what he will emerge into...So Paul, I don't want to do this but were going to, and were going to do this with...or Without you!

Paul takes his hat off and runs his hand over his head, he sits the hat on his knee and looks at Burke and Kennedy. He thinks to himself about what he's going to do...Is he going to stand by his friend during this time of uncertainties...Or is he going to turn on the man that has had his back from day one? Paul puts his hat back on and runs his tongue over the left side of his mouth and then begins to talk

The Agent| Paul Heyman : Your asking me to do something that is hard for me to ever even think about, a lot less go through with it. Your asking me to turn my back on my friend, I don't have many friends inside the RAW Organization, hell I don't have a lot of friends outside of this place ether, But Brock has always been there. We've established a friendship that is deeper than many that people have between each other, were closer than Brothers are to each other. Were able to communicate without the use of words, I can look at him and he can look at me and we know whats going through the others mind, without even saying anything. Thats not something that everyone can share. Thats something that Ive never been able to experience with anyone but Brock. My Friend....Friend, Is something I dont use very often, Friend is something that is foreign to me, Im just now realizing that Brock was my best friend, And to go out there at King of The Ring and do that, in insane, its crazy, and as much as kills me to sit here and listen to you guys, It's going to kill me even more to go out there knowing that your right, go out there and participate in this vicious act...But Your right...It Must Be Done!

Scene Three - The Day Before the Match -

The Scene opens up with Brock Lesnar sitting in a chair across from Jim Ross, in between the two there is a black table, on the table the Crown for the King of The Ring winner is on it, Brock is wearing black sweatpants with white trim and a white sleeveless shirt with his tattoo thats on his back on the front, Jim Ross is wearing his famous black cowboy hat and a black shirt and jeans, He has the RAW Logo on the left side of his shirt, Jim Ross starts the interview

Boomer Sooner| Jim Ross : Here I am joined by RAWS very own Brock Lesnar. First off Brock Id like to tell you how much Ive enjoyed you back in the ring, its where you belong, you have a nack for the squared circle and its been showing the past couple of weeks, You come out here week in and week out and you absolutley Dominate your oposition, Its uncanning how you've been doing here as of late. Do you think that you can keep up this winning streak that you have accumilated as of late? As everyone already knows youre going one on one against Kurt Angle for the Crown at King of The Ring. This match has been built up ever since the brackets came out. There had been talks of maybe you two meeting in the finals and now its clear that at King of The Ring its you...against Kurt Angle, Are you ready for this match?

F-5 Machine| Brock Lesnar : Im ready for this match like I was ready for every match before this one JR. Im always ready, I don't care who im going against, when the bell rings its time for business, and business is good. When the brackets first came out I looked at those that I would be going against as opposed to the rest and Kurt Angle was the only logical pick for the final against me. He needs to make a statement, and what better way to do it then at King of The Ring? Everyone is going to be watching this match you can gurantee, Theres a lot of matches on the card, some of those matches are going to be used as bathroom breaks, the time when people go to get there merchandise, but I can promise you, come the King of The Ring Final...Everyone will be sitting down, Everyone is going to be watching as Brock Lesnar and Kurt Angle stand in that ring face to face, as I look at him Im going to know what no one in the crowd is going to know, and that is that he knows he's not fit to be a King. Sure he was King in WWE, but that was WWE and this is RAW, the competition at RAW is head and shoulders higher than it was at WWE, sure the names are the same, the faces are familiar...But people have changed, and Kurt Angle has changed, and its in my advantage. Im going to take advantage of Kurt Angle in that ring on Sunday. It's a mismatch all across the board Ross. Look at it on paper, I think you'll see that Brock Lesnar is the man you'd want to be betting on...After you interview me, go and Interview Kurt...You'll be able to hear it in his voice, you'll know what im talking about, the unsureness that he possess about the match. Like I played with the Emotions of Raven, Triple H, Chris Jericho and Jeff Hardy, Im going to do that with Kurt Angle too. and like I was victorious against all of those before him...Im going to be the one coming out of this match with my hand raised in victory, while he lays with his back to the mat looking up at the rafters, coming up short again.

Boomer Sooner| Jim Ross : Just from listening to your words I know that your ready for this match, your going to come out swinging, theres no doubt in my mind that your going to bring everything you got...I just hope Kurt Angle does the same thing. Before SLAM took place this week Kurt Angle requested to have you and him going against one another a week before the show, he stated he wanted to show the world that he could beat you two times in a row, how do you feel about that?

F-5 Machine| Brock Lesnar : Two times in a row huh? That guy must be crazy, we had the tag match...He was stupid enough to even request a match with me, then Bischoff being the smart man he is changed it to a tag team match...I don't know what he's doing but he obviously isn't thinking right. I guess since Eric Bischoff is here he wanted to pull him aside and make a good impression on him, show him that he actually had a set, that he wasn't scared. Well it's like this, Eric can't see Kurt like I do, he better be glad that Eric didn't grant him his wish of a match before King of The Ring, I would have kicked his ass before the big match and he would be spending King of The Ring in a hospital while Eric had the duty of telling Vince why in the hell he was so stupid as to schedule the two of us before the King of The Ring...after he came up with an explanation for that he would have the distinct honor of finding a Replacement for Angle, sure I could just have the crown handed to me, but thats not what Brock Lesnar is about, he made it this far, he's expecting a fight and thats what he's going to get in Kurt Angle. However I must let everyone know that Kurt Angle was there during the tag match, he must have been there in spirit because I didn't see much of him, everytime I was tagged in he would tag Jericho in, What gives him the right to request a match with me if he wont fight me the week before? It was a tag match, granted, but come on, Kurt talks this big talk about wanting to get at me so bad and when he had the chance to do it he never showed up. Well He wont do any running at King of The Ring because as soon as that bell rings Brock Lesnar is gunning for you Kurt. I'll break his damn leg if I have to to keep him in the ring!

Boomer Sooner| Jim Ross : Kurt Angle had a guest appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel show where he opened up the show by poking fun of your nickname, does that do anything to you?

Brock Laughs

F-5 Machine| Brock Lesnar : That right there, It makes me laugh Jim. when I watched that I got a good laugh out of it, He thinks going on public T.V. and trying to insult me is going to make me less of a Wrestler, he thinks he's going to get in my head by going out there and talking about me? Well its not that easy Jim. Kurt is going to have to do a whole lot more than talk to get me off my game. So he goes out there and gets the crowd laughing, thats good, its good for television. Thats what the people want, they want him to go out there and make everyone happy, no one wants to leave the show with a bad taste in there mouth...that goes for the same people watching at home, no one wants to sit there and be forced to channel search because Kurt isn't being a good guest. It's good for ratings, good for the network, so he did what he had to do from a business stand point. But Sunday night, Im going to do what I have to do from a Personal standpoint. Im not going to be making people laugh during the match, if anything people are going to cry, when the King of The Ring Finals begins, thats when the children should be put to bed because im not going to be out there putting on a good show for the boys and girls at home. No Im going to be kicking his ass from pillar to post, he's going to wear a Crimson mask of his own blood! I dont give a damn if its good for ratings are not, its going to be good for me and its going to be great for Kurt. He doesn't want to be around after I get the King of The Ring under my belt, if he thinks things are bad now just wait. So sure, you can sit there and laugh, you can sit there and have a good time on the Jimmy Kimmel show, I'll make sure your experience at King of The Ring is something you will never forget!

Boomer Sooner| Jim Ross : Before I go I have one more thing to point out that Kurt Angle said reguarding you...He said that your ego would get the best of you, that if he could keep up with you he might be able to do whats nessicary to come out of the match the winner.

F-5 Machine| Brock Lesnar : Look Jim. Kurt can claim that I have an ego, but I don't its like this, when you are considered to be one of the best in the business, it shows through your actions in the ring and out of the ring, im not arrogant, I just get the job done, I can't help it that I set my standards high. He said if he could keep up with me he would be able to win the match? Lets look at it like this for a minute, sure we had our battles in WWF and WWE. That was the past, things are not going to be the same, he beat me once, but Sunday night he will not beat me. He's not even going to be in the right frame of mind for the kind of Brock Lesnar thats going to be in front of him. He's not going to be able to keep up with me, He shouldn't even be in the same ring as me. I'm more than ready for Kurt Angle Jim...Theres nothing he can say that I haven't heard before, theres nothing he can do that im not going to be ready for. He thinks he knows me, He has no idea JR. Brock Lesnar is the superior Wrestler on Mondays, and he's the superior Wrestler on Sundays too. I could go against Kurt Angle 7 Days a week 365 Days a year and still beat him each and every day. He can drink all the milk he wants...Hell Kurt Angle can drink milk straight from a Cow and still wouldn't be ready. Before he lays his head down at night to sleep, he can ask God to be there for him, to help him find the strength needed to beat Brock, God helps many people through a lot of problems, but there's no hope for Kurt Angle, Kurt Angle is on his own...Im coming for you Kurt...Be Ready, because I damn sure am!

Scene Four - The Big Night -

The scene opens up with an outside shot of the arena, cars are all over the area as you can planly see from all the cars that the King of The Ring is sold out...we go back inside and all the fans are cheering as it is now time for the King of The Ring Finals match between Brock Lesnar and Kurt Angle, we go backstage and see Brock Lesnar in his locker room finishing lacing up his boots, he double knots both boot and Paul Heyman enters, Brock gets up out of his chair and looks at Paul, Paul looks back at Brock

The Agent| Paul Heyman : Come on Champ! Lets go out there and show Kurt Angle what its like to have to deal with Brock Lesnar

With that being said Paul pats Brock on the shoulder and Brock and Paul exit there locker room, they begin to pass people on there way to the ring, You can hear Kurt Angles music through the arena as he is making his way to the ring, the chants of You Suck can be heard as clear as the music, Brock makes his way to the apron waiting for his music to play and Josh Mathews comes up to him

Tough Enough Loser| Josh Mathews : Brock, something bad is going to happen if you go out there,don't do it! The New Breed is out to get you and Paul is with them!

As Josh was saying this Brocks theme came on the P.A. System and made it near impossible for Brock to hear what Josh said, Paul gives Brock a push with his hand and the two make there way to the ring, the crowd errupts at Lesnar and Heyman appear on the top of the Ramp, Lesnar looks down at the ring into the eyes of Angle and then looks over at the Prize that the King of The Ring winner recieves, he then looks back at Angle and begins to make his way to the ring

Boomer Sooner| Jim Ross : Here we go ladies and Gentlemen its time for the King of The Ring, just look at the face of Brock Lesnar, this man is ready for this match, you better believe that Brock Lesnar is going to come down to this ring and give Kurt Angle everything he's got, this could very well be one of the matches of the year!

The two men have been fighting for quite sometime, its a back and forward match, Kurt Angle is surprising a lot of people by gaining the upper hand at this point in the match, He throws Brock into the turnbuckle and gives him four swift kicks to the mid section, Brock holds himself up by using the ropes and Angle grabs him by the head leading him to the middle of the ring, Kurt Irish Whips Brock into the ropes and delivers an Over Head Belly to Belly Suplex

Boomer Sooner| Jim Ross : OHH MY GAWD OHH MY GAWD, This match has lived up to the billing thus far, Kurt Angle may be able to put it away right here

Angle and Brock are both on there back now, the fans are going wild as the two men lay there looking up at the Rafters, Paul is yelling for Brock to get up, but Brock is beat, Angle slowly gets up on his feet, Brock Also begins to get on his feet pulling himself up on the ropes, Kurt runs over to Brock and wraps his arms around his waist, he tries to go for a German Suplex but Brock blocks it with his leg, again he tries and Brock blocks with his leg, Angle breaks the hold and nails Lesnar three times in the head with a right hand, he grabs ahold of Lesnar one more time and Lesnar grabs the ropes, Kurt pulls back so hard that he looses grip and bangs his head hard on the mat, the referee goes to check on Angle and Brock leans up against the ropes to regain his composure, Brock takes a deep breath and then begins to walk on the apron, he climbs the turnbuckle and Paul Heyman is pleading with him not to do it, Brock ingnores him and goes for the Shooting Star Press and hits it right on the money, Brock hooks the leg 1....2....Paul Heyman pulls the refs leg! Brock gets up and looks at Paul like he doesn't know whats going on, confused Brock asks Paul Why, Paul looks at Brock and says he's sorry

Boomer Sooner| Jim Ross : Here comes the NEW BREED, There gonna come help Brock!

Elijah Burke and Kennedy slide under the ropes and instead of helping Brock they attack him before he even knew what was coming, Paul stands in the corner as Burke and Kennedy continue to dismantle the would be King of The Ring in Brock Lesnar, Burke goes outside and gets a table and sets it up in the middle of the ring, Kennedy continues to beat on Brock and then he throws him on top of the table, Burke gets on one turnbuckle and Kennedy gets on another

Boomer Sooner| Jim Ross : What the Hell is going on! Brock Lesnar had the damn match won and Paul Heyman turns on him! This is a damn shame, I can't believe this is happening!

Burke and Kennedy both become air born at the same time and deliver a double leg drop through the table, Kennedy hits Brocks lower body while Burke's leg smashes across his face, Brock lays there with a bloodied face as the three of them stand over a crushed Brock, Brock looks up at Heyman and reaches out for him

F-5 Machine| Brock Lesnar : You Too Paul?

All of a sudden we see Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman sitting behind a curtain, we hear Eric Bischoff talking to Stone Cold, Heyman shakes Lesnar and Lesnar wakes up

The Agent| Paul Heyman : Hey Brock, wake up man, lets go break up this party and let everyone know that Brock Lesnar is a better king than any of those out there could ever dream to be

With that being said Brock and Paul get up and make there way out to Eric Bischoff...Scene Fades out as it was all but a dream

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