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...charity is the pure love of Christ.

Moroni 7:47

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As we continue on our journey into the new millenium, the unfortunate resonance of 9/11 has become a new buzz word around the world. "I am proud to be an American where at least I know I'm free," are words that always bring a tear to my eye. I look forward to the day when the lamb shall lie down next to the wolf having no fear of being harmed. (Isaiah 11:6-9).

Despite the negativism in the air, I look forward to what the new millennium will bring to us. I am optimistic that many world countries will put aside their differences and unite to fight for freedom; not just freedom in general, but freedom to worship as one pleases, freedom to invest in a capitalist market, and freedom from tyranny with a triumph over the human predicament (tyranny--revolution--anarchy--factions--tyranny--etc.).

I only hope that the American people will resist civil rights' activists who challenge traditional family values and promote unethical principles of homosexuality, etc. that weaken the human family. Let's be proud of our American Heritage and bring back the family into our children.


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