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Praise for TRUST by Jack Gibb

"I cannot say enough good things about this book. It has helped me understand and improve every aspect of my life—my family, my company, my work in education, my seminars, and my relationship to myself. It is hard to imagine that reading a book would help me to feel more self-accepting, more relaxed, more confident and more human, but this book has done just that. Thank you!"

Jack Canfield, 
President of Self-Esteem Seminars
Author of Self-Esteem in the Classroom
Member, California Task Force to Promote Self-Esteem, and Personal and Social Responsibility

"Trust is among the key critical factors facing all human institutions today. It is the emotional glue that makes for high-performing systems when it's present, and disaster when it's not. Jack Gibb's book enlightens us about trust in a unique way and instructs us about the path to trusting institutions. Trust is an insightful and useful-I'd even say necessary-book for the 90's."

Warren Bennis, 
University Professor, School of
Business Administration, University of Southern California
Author of On Becoming a Leader

"The years pass but Trust remains the cornerstone of mental and organizational health. And Jack Gibb remains our wisest guide to that human trait which ultimately holds the power to heal the world."

George Leonard, 
author of Mastery and The Transformation

"The re-publication of TRUST in the 1990's catches a rising tide. The worldview that was antagonistic to a trusting attitude has diminishing influence, and some sort of replacement worldview, or 'new paradigm,' is emerging, within which trust appears as a central key to successful living. "

Willis Harman, 
President, Institute of Noetic Sciences, 
Author of Global Mind Change and Creative Work (with John Hormann)

"What issue could be more important in our lives than trust, which is so interwoven with love. Jack Gibb does a remarkable job of giving us insight into the many aspects of trust."

Gerald G. Jampolsky, M.D., 
Co-author of Love is the Answer

"Of the many pioneers I have known in the field of group process and developing human potential, Jack Gibb stands tall in the first rank. His being is congruent with his theories. His life is his work and therefore reaches depths resulting in permanent impact. This is what makes this book so timely, even essential. In these days of superficial attempts to solve social problems ("Just say no," "more jails," "ban bad words"), it is crucial that someone sheds light on true underlying causes. TRUST is one such spotlight. I recommend it highly and hope it receives the audience it deserves."

Will Schutz, Ph.D., 
author of Profound Simplicity

"Trust is the final stage in humankind's evolutionary process towards wholeness. Jack Gibb's book represents one man's lifetime search for wholeness and serves as a cartography for those who follow."

Paul Brenner, M.D., 
author of Health is a Question of Balance

"Another significant contribution Jack makes in this book is to weave issues of the spirit into the trust equation along with perception, motivation, behavior, and emotions. Inquiry into the essence of trust is not possible without including a spiritual dimension. While others have labored to keep matters of spirit outside of the "objective" pursuit of theory and action, Jack was an early proponent of an applied behavioral science in which spirituality is one of the major threads to be woven into a unified theory of organizations. "

Charles Seashore, 
Former Chairman of the Board, NTL Institute

"TRUST is a lucid account of one of the truly pioneering ways of building human community.',

Kenneth D. Benne, 
Professor Emeritus of Philosophy and Human Relations, Boston University

"Trust is the bottom line for leadership in the 90's. No one understands or describes this better than Jack Gibb. In the field of organizational development he is both the elder statesman and the leading theorist of the day."

Bryon Lane, 
author of Managing People

"In a shrinking world of unparalleled change and insecurity, Jack Gibb has created powerful guidelines for faith, intimacy, simplicity, and sincerity. "

Bernard Gunther, Ph.D., 
author of Energy Ecstasy

"It is clear that the ambience of interpersonal relationships, groups, and organizations revolves around trust. When people do not trust themselves very much, they tend to project that condition on to their relationships with others. In this book Jack clearly shows that there are more positive sets of assumptions about people, the nature of work,, and organizational possibilities. Jack helps us to understand that the limits are in ourselves, that we can indeed transcend our self-imposed limitations and behaving toward each other."

John E. Jones, Ph.D., 
President Organizational Universe Systems

"Jack Gibb's ideas reach hearts as well as minds in a way that can save our lives, our corporations, and our society."

John Smolley, 
Director, Center for Living Well Reno-Sparks Community YWCA, Reno, Nevada

"This inspirational work is done by a remarkable man who has lived his life in pursuit of a vision to create an environmental quality based on trust. I am honored to have used this provocative, challenging, and integrated theory on trust over the years in my M.B.A. classes as well as with managers in a variety of organizations and institutions. The truth is trust is powerful. The impact is profound and lasting. Trust frees us from fear and allows the opportunity to enrich and explore our lives in a more daring, open, and loving way. Miracles happen to people who trust and Gibb illuminates the pathway."

Diane Beakey, Ph.D.,
Principal, the Beakey Group
Adjunct Faculty Member, Pepperdine University

"When TRUST was first published there was prophecy in its pages. Jack Gibb brilliantly identified the dynamics of fear and trust that are now the basis of much of today's writing on organizations, families and interpersonal dynamics. His patient and in-depth research into the organizational and inter-personal dynamics of both religious and secular systems helped many of us understand not only the workings of churches and church organizations but also our own personal styles. The influence of Jack Gibb on many of us in the church changes our lives—both personally and organizationally. He helped us to understand the best and the worst of religious organizations from the local to the national levels. He also helped us to understand the best and the worst in ourselves. The book TRUST identifies the terrible destructiveness of fear within organizations and individuals. But he doesn't leave us with an understanding of what is wrong, like so many others; he gives us a way out of the darkness of fear. His identification of the power of trust is an affirmation of the deepest insights within the heart of all the major religions. The interplay of words and concepts begin to move us closer to that awareness of the indefinable and mysterious dimension of the spiritual experience that lies within each of us. His suggestions of how to discover and apply the power of trust is clearly practical religion. I would recommend that all those within the religious communities read deeply and reflect long on the insights within TRUST —it has the power of transformation.

Rev. D. Michael Cooney,
United Methodist Church
Former United Methodist Street Gang Worker-Los Angeles;
Teacher-Philosophy, World Religion;
Consultant: Counselor

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