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August 16, 2004:
Hey everyone!!! It's Katie! Just for my favorite sista I made this new pink and black layout featuring Harry. Well I hope you like it and LYLAS Brittany!
Posted by: Katie

April 19. 2004:
Heya! We won an award! Best Tom Felton site! Thanks to everyone who voted. And I nominated us at 2 more sites! So be sure to vote when its time. Well thats it for now.

April 06, 2004:
There will be a Sneak Peak of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban on May 9th on ABC. So make sure you catch it.
Sci Fi Wire has an interview with Chris Columbus about Alfonso Cuaron's work on PoA
The Leaky Cauldren has the fifth set report.
Also We have 3 new affiliates
And anyone who is interested in being a staff member, please email me at
thats it for today, 58 days until Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

March 30th, 2004:
In the news.....
Harry Birthday to Robbie Coltrane(Hagrid) who turns 54 today!

Also, I added 3 pics to the POA gallery today..BTW you can get to the gallery by clicking on FUN. well thats all for now.

March 27th, 2004
Hey everyone! Long time no update. Sorry, that I just like neglected my site.I never got around to updating it. New Layout!!! Megan made it for me! I loves her very much!! I love the layout!!! Thanks soo much Megan!!! Well I'll be updating later today. Thanks again Megan for the layout. The tag board will hopegully be back up today.


March 24th, 2004
Hello Brittney! Here is a layout I made *special* for your site. I hope you like it. This isn't my best work, LOL.

READ: I *accidently* deleted the code for your tag-board (Megan curses at herself like a mad fool) so if you could have one of your staff members, one who knows how to change the colors of the board, go in your tag board account and do that it would be great. Hope everyone likes the layout!

Lots 'o Love


February 06, 2004:
Ahh Yesh! Yesterday was Wendy's Birthday!!!! YAY!! So happy Birthday Wendy!!! Luv Ya! For those of you who don't know, Wendy is my cousin and she works for Torn.
Sorry for the lack of updates guys. I just havent had the time to anything. Also Next month will be Torn's 1 year anniversary! It doesn't seem like its been a year. I think there will be a new layout. Also the gallery is up too. I put it in the fun section, so go check that out. Thanks to Megan for sharing a gallery with me. Also coming soon:
Message Board
Chat Rooms
Hopefully all of this will be up within the next month! Well thats all for now.
Posted By: Brittany

January 22, 2004:
YAY! We got 2 new awards!!!!! 1st place in Best General Harry Potter site and 3rd place in Best Site name!!!
Posted by: Brittany

January 03, 2004:
Drum roll please.........
Ok so I got the gallery up!! Its under the fun section. There is some good pics there. Thanks to Megan, for sharing a gallery with me!
Hope everyone had a Happy New Year!
Also Im still looking for staff If you are interested e-mail me at
Posted By: Brittany

December 29, 2003:
Hey Everyone we got 2 new affiliates.Somnio and Beautiful Sin
Happy Holidays!!!!!
Well in January, it will be Torn's 1 year anniversary!! I can't believe its been almost a year since its been up. Well I may have a new layout, but im not sure. And about the gallery I am almost finished the cast part after I finish that I will put everything up. Thanks to Megan, for sharing a gallery with me.
Ahh Yesh today is a very special day for a very special sis!!!! Today is Katie's birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATIE!!! Your're a great Assistant Webmistress and I luff ya as if your were my own sis!!!!!
Posted By: Brittany

December 18, 2003:
Hey everyone! I am soo sorry for the lack of updates!! I will try to update more often, its just that I haven't had time to update.
We got a new affiliate, Edge of the forest ita a really awesome site! Check it out!
In the news.....
Parvati and Padma search....
The search for two girls to play Parvati and Padma Patil in the fourth Harry Potter film Goblet Of Fire hits London this weekend. A casting session is being staged at Pineapple Studios, Langley Street, Covent Garden, 10am - 3pm on Sunday.
Full Story
JK's dad sells rare Potter books Rare editions of Harry Potter books have been auctioned. JK Rowling's dad is cashing in on his daughter's success by selling rare first editions of the Harry Potter books which she signed for him.
Full Story
French fans finally get Potter 5 Harry Potter fans in France have finally got their hands on a copy of book five in their own language
Full Story
POA in IMAX Format
Warner Bros. issued a press release today announcing that Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban will be released in IMAX format as well as conventional format when the movie comes out on June 4th, 2004.
Also If you would like to be a staff member please e-mail me at Thanks.
Posted by: Brittany

December 1, 2003:
Hey Everyone! Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving. Sorry for the lack of updates. Just I couldnt think of anything to update. LOL. But I do have some interesting news..
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets won the top spot today when it was named the nation's favorite film at this year's British Academy Children's Film and Television Awards (Children's BAFTA). Emma Watson was there to accept the award.
Read About it Here
Posted by: Brittany