The Astrological Dominatrix
I was asked by My editor at TAB Magazine to do an article based on the different "types" of Dominatrixes. I was uncomfortable with generalising or stereotyping Dominant Women, but I took a deep, brave breath, and narrowed down 13 different types of Dominatrix personalities.   The 13th type was a "Lifestyle Dominatrix";  but really, whether a Domme participates in B/D-S/m play in Her personal life is none of a submissive clients' business.    Besides, the term "Lifestyle" is thrown around far too much lately, and has lost much of it's significance.   So that left Me with 12 basic styles of Dominatrixes.
Halfway through My research in defining the different characteristics, I noticed that all of the 12   "Dominatrix Types" that I had defined   directly related to astrological characteristics, and the 12 signs of the Zodiac. O.K:  BIG DISCLAIMER.  This is for entertainment purposes only.  I am a Professional Dominatrix, a "bondage-chair Therapist", and  an amateur Astrologer.  Women are vastly  intricate and diverse.  Dominatrixes tend to  have a great deal of the combined  total characteristics that I have listed. One style of Domination is no better or worse than any other style. I have a theory that Dominatrixes are generally one main "Type" of Mistress, and depending on the cycle of the moon can acquire different personality characteristics.  Do NOT contact your favourite Mistresses and ask them their (sun-main) sign.  This will NOT give you any meaningful insight into their style of Domination.
So, do NOT think that a Scorpio Mistress will automatically have all the attributes of a "Sensual Dominatrix".   This may come as a shock to many submissives, but the Professional personality of a Mistress may differ greatly from that of Her personal and private personality;  We are so much more than "just" Professional Dominatrixes.  I have chosen to use the  "rising" sign, which indicates how others perceive Us, and has no relation to Our main or "sun sign", or even Our secondary or "moon sign". I have translated many different resources worth of  primary, secondary,   and   tertiary   astrological characteristics as well as 10+ years of interaction with many Professional Dominatrixes  to apply to a  B/D-S/m  context.
"The Intellectual Dominatrix": (Aries rising tendencies); This Woman is a dare-devil, confident, adventurous, spontaneous, energetic, impulsive, quick-witted,  and often takes the initiative. Careful, she has a hot temper, and She can be contrary, and impatient.  She enjoys wrestling in either the physical or intellectual meanings, and loves nothing more than discovering your hidden fetishes and desires. You better be truly submissive to this Domme. She is sensually aggressive.   She like a challenge, and enjoys nothing more than using Her superior intellect to utterly subjugate you. She excels at psychological Domination, and will often include essay writing in your training. Her costumes tend to be "armour" as opposed to sexually suggestive.  HH She is prone to headaches, so make sure Her surroundings are as stress-free and comfortable as possible. The jewel Her sign should be adorned with is diamond, but if you really want to intrigue this Mistress; challenge Her mind with current events and find a specific intellectual pursuit that you can share with Her.
"The Earthly Pleasures  Mistress":  (Taurus rising characteristics); This Lady is refined, strong-willed, conservative, patient, sociable, and loving.  She can also be jealous, stubborn, spoiled, and even greedy. She is classically beautiful, with strong features. She is very sensually straight-forward and is skilled in the basics of the sensual arts, especially a slow and steady seduction. This is a good Mistress for sensualists, those players who are not terribly masochistic.  She enjoys visual stimulation, so Her playrooms will have lots of mirrors?She will usually have very plush dungeons stocked with foods, beverages, scents and other sensual pleasures, more for Her enjoyment than the submissive's.  She practices Professional Domination in order to provide for Her materialistic desires.  She is difficult to get in touch with sometimes, because  She has other financial endeavours. She will enjoy sending you on lavish shopping trips as a method of punishment.  She wears classically styled Fetish & Fantasy costumes of excellent quality, and rarely wears P.V.C. or cheap materials. Her neck can get quite tense, so you might ask Her if you could be honoured by giving Her a neck rub. The jewels She should be gifted with are emerald necklaces, but if you wish to keep this Mistress' interest, beg Her for the honour of lifetime servitude, and offer Her the finer pleasures in life, creature comforts, and emotional and financial stability.
"The Part-Time Domme": (Gemini rising Traits);  This busy Woman is torn   between different aspects of Her life.  She is adaptable,  versatile, witty, and  communicative.  She can be anything and everything She wants to be, and  might be a student,  parent/caregiver,  artist,  actor, or all of the above.  She  could  be tense, superficial   and maybe cunning.  She prefers the "chase"  over the actual relationship, and might surprise you by ordering you to  tie Her up (or flog Her), just to keep things interesting. The fetish & fantasy  player is in for a treat, as She can be quite perverse in her role-play.  She  definitely understands that a fantasy is not reality, which opens up all kinds of  role-play possibilities. Domination is probably not Her permanent career  aspiration or Her 24/7 "lifestyle" choice, yet She truly enjoys this duality.  This Mistress enjoys submissives/masochists/fetishists who have a sense of  adventure and like to try new things every visit. She has a small but adequate  Fetish wardrobe, with  costumes from every style and any material. She is  prone to "floggers  elbow", and Her hands and arms are easily strained.  Ask  if you may smoke in Her presence or dungeon, as Her lungs can be quite  sensitive and She may have asthma. A nice piece of  jewellery to adorn Her would be a moss-agate ring, but as a better effort to keep Her intrigued, you  should keep your scene-related requests or suggestions interesting .She would  enjoy you curled up at Her feet,  reading aloud from one of Her books while She plots Her next adventure.
"The Mom-Dom":  (The rising sign of Cancer); This warm, loving Domme is emotional, intuitive, imaginative, and very definitely nurturing.  The opposite of Her many moods could include over-sensitivity, depression, and emotional neediness.  She might be an older Woman, but even if She's young She will give excellent spankings and be wonderfully sympathetic to infantalists.  She will always try to feed you, and may include food in your role-play, or even deny you food as a punishment. She is a highly spiritual creature, and Her sensuality always includes esoteric practices. She is a huge romantic, so you better bring Her chocolates AND flowers every visit. She is always on the lookout for the perfect house-slave to assist Her in maintaining Her comfortable dungeon (which is usually in Her home), and serve at Her many private fetish parties. If you are a dedicated slave, She'll never abandon you.   She enjoys wearing sheer materials, voluminous skirts and puffy sleeves with tight corsets, and classic shoes and boots (but rarely platforms). Her breasts are usually soft, large and natural.  Be the dutiful child and offer to be Her kitchen maid and help to prepare a sumptuous feast; set an elaborate table with fine china, flowers and candles, and clean Her kitchen after.  Give this Mistress silver coloured surgical stainless steel rings beaded with pearls.  (I know one "Mother-Domme" who has those kind of rings in Her labia.) Or, ask Her if you may run a  hot, scented bubble bath for Her.
"The Fashionable Dom":  (Leo [ascendant] the lioness); This trendy babe has the best Fetish wardrobe over any other Mistresses.  Latex?   Rubber?  Leather?        9" Stiletto platforms?  Ballet boots?   She has it all?  She is very self-confident, and extremely Dominant.  She will be generous, creative, loyal and enthusiastic.  Sensual play is all a big game to Her.  Scenes always include high drama,  total grandeur, and maybe a few risks. The negative side of  this Mistress' personality can include vanity,  egoism,  self-absorption, and a taste for vengeance.  She will be quite bossy. This Dominatrix has an extremely powerful sensual drive, which causes Her to exhaust a submissive if She visits with them too much.  Visit this woman regularly so She does not forget you, but keep the visits at least a month apart.    She will be physically fit, very well "presented" (perfect makeup, thick lush and silky hair, long sharp nails etc.) and have all the latest Fetish/Fashion magazines.   Her love of Fashion is quite fetishistic, and She enjoys visiting with latex-lovers, boot fetishists, and subs who are interested in physical beauty.  Do not slobber on Her clothes;  She'll be furious if you mark, dirty, or otherwise damage any part of Her costume. She has a massive Fetish wardrobe, and frequently wears Fetish attire outside of sessions. Looking down Her nose at  Her many slaves will cause Her back pains later in Her life.  You can appease this Diva  with  a ruby set in a dramatic pendant on a gold chain, or better yet Fetish Fasion magazines. Clothes are  important to this Dominatrix, so bartering a scene in exchange for a trip to Northbound,  or He and She could be very successful.
"The All-Business" Domme:  (Virgo rising characteristics);  If you are looking for a highly skilled Dominatrix who is  meticulous and ordered, this is the Mistress for you.  She will have extremely clean, organised, well maintained, and sanitary playrooms.  On the other hand, She can be fussy, analytical,  hypercritical, and a perfectionist.   She may not be terribly passionate, but She  thoroughly enjoys making sure the minute details of the scene are just right. She will have the playrooms lit with exactly the right amount of candles, have the perfect music for your specific fantasy, and  be wearing the most appropriate fetish outfit for your desires.  If you have a very difficult or specific scenario that (in your humble opinion) other Dommes have had difficulty creating, this Mistress will make your fantasies perfect reality. She is also a good choice to visit for Medical Scenes.  Professional Domination is this Woman's' chosen career, and  She is very serious about Her vocation. This Mistress is very financially responsible, and is open to discussions or negotiations of a financial nature. This Mistress will always be available for a session if She has time in Her schedule, and you will get exactly the session you have paid for, to the exact minute.   She will have a large, expertly co-ordinated Fetish wardrobe to appease Her many clients. A gift that may appease Her is a sardonyx paper weight, but the most logical gift for Her would be the right submissive to be Her paperwork or office slave. If you submissives feel you are up to the standards of this Mistress, you might assist in organising/maintaining  Her  tedious  business concerns  to  help make Her incredible Domination business even more successful.
"The Youthful Dom":  (Libra rising personality traits); This charming play-mate is diplomatic and idealistic.  She likes gentleness in Her submissives, and enjoys sharing with Her play-partners. The other side of this Dominas' personality might include indecisiveness, gullibility, and flirtatiousness.  She is very concerned that Her submissives' needs and desires are met, and will frequently ask if you are  enjoying yourself,  therefore She is  often misunderstood as being unconfident, or even submissive.   This Dominatrix may sometimes find Herself being "topped from the bottom",  but She will not be too concerned about gaining control of the submissive. This is not really important to Her, as the main point to the scene is the submissives' enjoyment. The "youthful Domme" is an excellent choice for nervous submissives who are new (novices) to Professional Domination. This Mistress is exuberant, malleable, and fun.   She will laugh a lot, and be almost shy at times. Expect Her to wear a little more lingerie than most Mistresses, and be really into P.V.C. mini-skirts and bra-tops. Her lower back may be easily strained or often tense, so the smart submissive will politely offer a back-rub to Her.  Golden showers may be an occasional problem for this Mistress as She might be prone to urinary problems. Always bring a little present for this Mistress (She would be thrilled with any sapphire baubles) as she is fascinated by the finer things in life. A submissives'  worldly experience,  knowledge and wisdom is very intriguing to this young or young-at-heart Mistress.
"The Sensual Mistress": (Pure Scorpio rising);   This is the stereotypical "bad-girl" Dominatrix.  She is sexy, dynamic, mystical, intuitive,  powerful and magnetic.  If you desire this type of Domina, be prepared for the negative side of Her highly volatile and contradictory nature.  She can be obsessive/compulsive, secretive, superstitious, and truthful or moralistic to a fault. Do NOT anger Her, She will never forget your misdeed, and thoroughly enjoy planning the perfect punishment for when you least expect it. This Dominatrix is a good choice for masochistic slaves who can give as much as this Mistress will demand. This Mistress is extraordinarily passionate, sensually energetic, and divinely deviant.  Her sessions will bring a submissive/slave/fetishist to the heights of ecstasy and the depths of depravity at the same time.  She loves giving showers, and She will tease the submissive to the point of insanity.  She is very serious about exploring Her Dominant and Sadistic nature, and has no time for those who are into just a superficial, kinky experience. She has no problem using Her sensuality, and even sexuality to get what She wants.  She is at Her intellectual and physical best late at night, perhaps between the hours of 8 p.m. and 4 am. This Sirens' wardrobe is always very sexy, and She enjoys wearing fetish attire that exaggerates or accentuates Her breasts, waist, hips, and legs. Her favourite colours are maroon, crimson, or blood-red with black. (Like the Black Widow.) The body areas ruled by Her sign are Her genitals, urinary tract, and pelvic area, but Her mind is Her erogenous zone.. If  you wish to bring this Mistress's favourable attention towards your submissive self, always be utterly truthful to Her. If you are lying, She will know.   Give Her a challenge, not a battle of wills.  She will thrive on creating a perversity in Her slaves that rivals Her own twisted and wicked nature.
"The Party-Girl" Domina:  (Sagittarius rising traits);   This Dominatrix is highly optimistic, philosophical, and loves the freedom that Professional Domination gives  Her.   She is always ready to have a good time.  However, She may be restless, irresponsible and even careless, but  She is trusting, and reliable in Her affection for Her submissives.   Her creativity is boundless, and She loves to engage in risky fetish and fantasy play.  She will often have wild or multicoloured hair and nails.  She will be at every fetish party or event, but will always be late.  This Mistress is difficult to contact before noon. Her collection of costumes is usually very colourful, and She enjoys wearing jewel-toned Patent Leathers, and multi-coloured body-hugging latex. Her hips and thighs are Her favourite body part, and She takes great pains to keep them toned and strong, sometimes spending too much time on them during Her workout. She might allow you the pleasure of massaging Her tense thighs, or If  She professionally participates in this activity, She would enjoy "thigh-domination"--wrapping Her legs around a lucky submissives neck and squeezing. Oversized topaz or amber gems really catch Her eye, but if you want to get on the good side of Her, offer this Dominatrix  a trip to an out-of-town Fetish Convention, but do not expect Her to be at your "beck-and-call", as She is very independent.
"The Feminist Mystress."  (Capricorn rising characteristics.) This Womyn prefers the company of other Womyn, but She is not necessarily a lesbian or a man-hater.  She firmly believes in the superiority of Womyn. She is disciplined, reserved, and prudent with the male species.  She may also be pessimistic about male-female relationships.   She might be suspicious of any financial negotiations you might propose, and She is very rigid in Her dealings with men.  You better be utterly subservient to this Womyn, and dedicate yourself to pleasing Her, or She'll quickly lose any interest in training you.  If you do manage to satisfy Her demands,  She will expect lifetime loyalty from you, and She will be your lifetime protector. This Mistress is a good choice for submissives who have no desire to receive any empathy from their Mistress as She can be exceptionally severe, or be creative in Her many ways to humiliate you.  Sometimes, She does not allow you any safe-words.  In your submissive perception She may not be paying enough attention to you, but She never lets you--or your next predicament-- out of Her mind. This confident Womyn prefers to wear black leather pants with fitted black leather vests, and shoes or boots with a  low heel.  Offer Her tributes of black onyx jewellery, or black leather accessories and clothing. If you want to warm up Her icy exterior, you should prove yourself to be reliable, serious, and have a definite non-sexual, or spiritual  purpose to your visits with Her.
"The Mystery Domme",  (Aquarius rising tendencies.)  This Mistress is inventive, secretive, and honest.  She may also be unemotional, contradictory and perverse.   She likes to enjoy Herself with the company of others, and her private  nature is quite intriguing to submissives/slaves. She is experimental, and  She will usually have an extensive collection of gadgets and tools--particularly electrical devices. This mysterious Mistress is cool, detached, and never speaks of Her personal life.  Obviously, She is the perfect choice for those submissives who desire mystery in their life. She will prefer to meet you at your home, office, hotel, or a Studio She shares with other Dominants.   She will instruct you to wait naked on your knees (maybe in the bathroom or closet), with your clothes neatly folded on the chair and the tribute in an envelope. Sometimes She will order you to use your tie as a blindfold, and all this before She enters the room! (The submissive rarely sees Her arrive or depart.)   She may wear a wig, and heavy makeup, and Fetish costumes that are not too revealing. (The submissive will never see Her "non-Mistress" appearance.)   She will frequently kick off Her heels and go barefoot in a session as Her legs and ankles are over-sensitive, or,  She will discover a favourite pair of  boots and wear them with every outfit. This Domina appreciates gifts of turquoise jewellery, but She is prone to anemia and blood sugar problems, so an offering of juice would be appropriate as well.  If the submissive can handle Her impersonal nature, he will feel like a spy on a secret mission, as every meeting with Her feels so deliciously clandestine. Even if She expresses an interest in your personal life,  do not pry into this Woman's personal life.   She prefers Her submissives to be focused on the moment, happy with  Her good company, and interested in having fun.
"The New-Age Domina":  (Pisces rising traits); This Woman is spiritual, esoteric, compassionate, self-less,  kind and considerate.  She also tends to be "flighty", vague and a dreamer.  She may lack "earthly" boundaries, as Her mind is usually up in the clouds.  She dislikes physical vulgarity, and enjoys a sensual exchange based on spiritual and intellectual challenges. Her mood is either very tranquil, or very morose.  Her playrooms might have lots of plants, pillows, rugs,  indirect sunlight, and/or multicoloured mood lighting. She has lots of crystals on display, and She often wears new-age symbols as tattoos or jewellery.  She can not do a session without candles or incense. Many of Her published photos depict her wearing attractive and feminine-- but not necessarily fetish clothing.  She will wear fetish clothes, but only if the submissive specifically and respectfully asks Her to. This is the Mistress to visit if you are a foot fetishist, as Her feet are always in need of a good massage.  She will enjoy the submissive pampering Her feet with scented oils and lotions, and She will always have a  well-loved collection of favourite shoes and boots. She tends to have minor liver or lymphatic dysfunctions, and enjoys drinking herbal teas to detoxify Her system.  Treat Her as your earth-bound Goddess and bring Her offerings of moonstone. To be this Dominas' favourite submissive, you should offer to build Her a meditation room, a sunroom, or a beautiful garden with small ponds, waterfalls and fountains.
Do not judge a Domina by any single specific standard;  Dominant Women are spectacularly diverse, creative, and highly unique individuals.  No-one has the ability or the right to limit Us to any specific definition. We define Ourselves and We make Our Own rules--not the submissive.  We have the feminine prerogative of changing
"The Rules" or Our style, and even Our self-definitions as We deem fit.

Most Professional Dominatrixes will be able to choose different aspects of their personality from every "type" on this list, as well as other characteristics and styles not mentioned here.  You do not really know your Dominatrix until you know Her as a complete Personality;  if She decides to share Her personal Self with you.

The current moon sign has an influence over Our daily personality, as do the ever-changing planetary alignments. This "Astrological Dominatrix"  List was purely for fun, as an experiment in astrology, and should only be used by the submissive/masochist/fetishist as a resource list for pleasing your Mistress, not categorising Her.   As for defining submissives through astrological charts and personality types;    that's the next  article...
Written By Ms. Zea
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Also look at the sister article to this piece;
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