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My utilities page: Ontario Hydro prices, water and electricty bills and rates.. Yes the first link goes to my own utilities page on this tenant web site.

Here are my household energy conservation tips.

CRTC opens up phone competition in apartment and office buildings, CP, July 1, 2003

Supreme Court Ruling on Hydro means higher TV rates across Canada, Toronto Star, May 17, 2003

CRTC warns phone giants it's getting tough, Toronto Star, April 11, 2003

Lost your Wallet? What to do, from the government of Ontario

A Consumers' Guide to Collection Agencies from the government of Ontario

Detecting fake counterfeit money, from the Bank of Canada

Unclaimed Canadian Bank Balances. Find out if you have any unclaimed money owed to you, left in an unclaimed bank account. Service of the Bank of Canada

Toronto Star series on problems dealing with payday loan and cheque cashing stores and their high interest rates and fees.

Toronto Tenants Hotline

Air Travel Complaints Commissioner How to file a complaint against an airline. The site has other general travel consumer information.

Automobile Consumer Coalition for information regarding vehicle recalls, leases, and car insurance rates.

Automobile Protection Association for information regarding cars, vans and trucks.

Canadian Consumer Handbook Industry Canada

Canadian Consumer Information Gateway Has a large database of both federal and provincial consumer documents

CBC Marketplace Warnings and Recalls area of the site.

Canadian Deposit Insurance Corporation CDIC is a federal Crown Corporation that insures eligible deposits made with their members. See the web site to find out what is covered, and what is not.

Canadian Direct Marketing Association is the industry umbrella group for those sellers who promote their products through telephone calls to your home and via junk mail. They have a form to remove you from their members telphone and mailing lists, you can access by going to the "Consumer Information" section and then going to the "Do Not Mail - Do Not Call" link.

Canadian Food Inspection Agency has their current list of food recalls and product warnings.

Canadian Parents Online is a support group for parents. The web site has a listing of some recent recalls, particularly involving toys and household products.

Consumer Reports Magazine the original consumer organization and magazine, since 1936.

Credit Card Rates From Webfin

Financial Consumer Agency of Canada. Find out what your legal rights are when dealing with banks, insurers and trust companies regulated by Ottawa.

Financial Services Commission of Ontario, for information and regulations on Ontario automobile insurance, other insurance, credit unions and cooperative, mortgage brokers, loan and trust companies.

Health Canada Check out Health Canada's Warnings and Recalls

Healthwatcher is a group which aims to educate the public about health scams such as unproven diet methods.

Industry Canada Office of Consumer Affairs web site has consumer tips so you don't get conned.

Insurance Institute for Highway Safety What are the costs of repairs for various models of new cars? Get the answers here.

Internet Scambusters. Find out about the latest get-rich-quick schemes and other scams on the Internet.

Ontario Energy Board regulates and licences Ontario electricity distributors and gas marketers. Their web site lists all those licenced to do so and the code of conduct they must abide by.

Ontario Ministry of Consumers and Business Services. Find out the rules for doing business in Ontario, such as what collection agencies can legally do, how long you have to cancel a contract with door-to-door salesmen and much more.

Ontario Securities Commission regulates stock and bond trading in Ontario.
Investor Alert on Investment Scams.

Phonebusters' purpose is to stop telemarketing fraud, and is a joint project of the RCMP, Ontario Ministry of Consumer and Business Services and Industry Canada.

Straight Goods Canada's consumer and news watch dog.

Technical Standards & Safety Authority
The TSSA is responsible for inspecting all elevators and amusement park rides in Ontario and also runs safety programs for upholstery, stuffed toys and boilers. Their web site has the texts of the regulations it enforces.

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