Tenants Rights

This page is no longer being updated go to either Ontario Tenants Rights, or for other provinces Canadian Tenant Law in other provinces.

Alberta Tenants Rights

Government of Alberta
Information for Landlords and Tenants (Adobe Format)
Residential Tenancies Act
Regulation under the Residential Tenancies Act

Alberta Coalition Against Poverty
Tenants Rights
The Parkland Institute, University of Alberta
Reference Guide to Landlord and Tenant Law in Alberta from the Faculty of Extension, University of Alberta

British Columbia (B.C.) Tenants Rights

Government of British Columbia
Residencial Tenancies Office - Ministry of Public Safety and the Solicitor General
Residential Tenancy Act, BC 2002, the British Columbia landlord and tenant act

Anti-Poverty Committee of Vancouver
British Columbia Public Interest Advocacy Centre

Manitoba Tenants Rights

Government of Manitoba
Consumer and Corporate Affairs - Residential Tenancies Branch Guidebook
Residential Tenancies Act
Tenants Rights

Community Action on Poverty

Nanuvut Tenants Rights

Government of the Territory of Nanuvut

New Brunswick Tenants Rights

Government of New Brunswick
Residential Tenancies Act
Regulation 82-218 under the Residential Tenancies Act

Public Legal Education and Information Service of New Brunswick

Newfoundland and Labrador Tenants Rights

Government of Newfoundland and Labrador
Residential Tenancies Division - Government Services and Lands

Northwest Territories Tenants Rights

Government of the Northwest Territories

Nova Scotia Tenants Rights

Government of Nova Scotia
Residential Tenancies Act
Regulations under the Residential Tenancies Act
Residential Tenancies Information

Halifax Coalition Against Poverty
Tenants Rights, a Nova Scotia Guide, from Dalhousie Legal Aid Service

Ontario Tenants Rights

Ontario Tenants Rights
Ontario landlord and tenant law, questions and answers
Residential Tenancy Act
Landlord and Tenant Board, Ontario government body ruling over landlord and tenant law

Prince Edward Island (P.E.I.) Tenants Rights

Government of Prince Edward Island
Office of the Director of Residential Rental Property (formerly referred to as the Rentalsman)
Rental of Residential Property Act

Québec Tenants Rights

Government of Québec
Régie Du Logement - Quebec Housing Ministry - English Page

Front D'action Popular En Réaméngement Urban (en Français) housing and poverty rights
Association of Housing Committees And Tenants' Associations
Tenants Rights, from the Concordia Student's Union

Saskatchewan Tenants Rights

Government of Saskatchewan
Saskatchewan Human Rights Code - A Guide For Landlords and Tenants
Saskatchewan Residential Tenancies Act in PDF Adobe Format

Yukon Tenants Rights

Government of the Territory of the Yukon