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Tournament! has been renamed to
Tournament Director and it has moved to here

Tournament! is a system that lets you organise and run chess tournaments. It is designed around the British Chess Federations rules and regulations for running a chess tournament.

Tournament! is windows based and simple to use. It allows you to:

Tournament! uses an Access database, so the data can be easily used with other Microsoft products like MS Word, MS Excel, etc.

If you already use the DOS version of Tournament Director, it is possible to import your database from the DOS version of Tournament Director into the new Windows version of Tournament Director, so that you will not lose any information from previous tournaments.

Tournament! is available for download for a 30 day trial. If you wish to continue to use the software after the trial period ends you must purchase it!

To help you get a better feel for the system, you can view the user guide.

If you have any specific questions about Tournament!, please email me at


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