Tourniquet Disease official webpage

*UPDATE 9.22.02

The new incarnation of the band formerly known as Tourniquet Disease now has a website. Go check us out at I think it looks cool. It's kinda empty right now, but we'll fill it up. There will be fewer updates here, from now on.

*UPDATE 9.18.02

I posted some pictures from the last TD show, at Zumix, 6.15.02, Greg's last show and my first. I didn't do the manipulations, but they look kinda cool anyway. Check out live for pictures and show history.

One or two TD songs, the ones, may be featured on a compilation to benefit the Baltimore Anti-Racist 28. You can read about their predicament here.

Although TD is no longer a band, Brian, Phil, and myself will be continuing on in a new band. We've found a vocalist in Jonah, the drummer from Rocksuck, whom we played with at our third and final show. We've yet to agree on a name, but we will soon, and that will mean a new website, and hopefully, a new demo tape with some of our newer material (and Jonah's vocals). We will still be performing Tourniquet Disease songs, but a couple of them have been changed beyond recognition. The demo songs are the same though.

Good news: We have a show in NH on october 5th, under whatever our new name ends up being, and we're gonna tear shit up with our new vocalist. Bad news: It appears that Anal Cunt has canceled their show with Thor. There is going to be a replacement band... but it's not going to be Anal Cunt. It will be fun anyway... but I wanted a fucking riot. Oh well.

Jonah, myself, and Brian have started a grindcore side project under the name of I Lost My Face in a Tragic Automobile Accident (or My Face was Burned Off in a Tragic Automobile Accident, depending on who you ask). We have a gimmick, problably one that has been used before, but never sucessfully, because I've never heard of it: We're an all improv band. That means everything. Lyrics made up on the spot, crushing breakdowns concocted in the blink of an eye, ripping blastbeats unleashed upon fellow band members without warning. We'll be making a tape of this ridiculousness soon, problably. If we can figure out what the hell we were saying, it will have lyrics, too, but don't expect any youth crew choruses (although, I'm a sucker for that stuff...) You can check out our website here: We fight on the news page and post wierd pictures of each other and just generally act irresponsible. We may even have mp3s up, some day.

That's it.


*UPDATE 9.9.02
Okay, I dunno if anyone even reads this thing but if you do, you problably live in boston, so here's a fucking show you do not want to miss: the fucking ANAL CUNT REUNION SHOW. Scroll down a ways, this show is inbetween Low and Ron Jeremy, on the same bill with some 80s metal dude named Thor. No one cares about him. FUCKING ANAL CUNT!!! This show will be an absolute riot. Utter chaos and destruction. Do not miss it. Complete and total fucking insanity. Anal Cunt in a fucking movie theater. Your head will explode, and you'll fucking like it. Even if you hate Anal Cunt (and believe me, I do), you don't want to miss this.


*UPDATE 9.7.02
We've pretty much decided that whatever we do at this point, we won't be calling ourselves Tourniquet Disease anymore. Greg was such an important part of the band - even the name was his. So, although we'll definitely be continuing to play, as a three piece, or with a new vocalist, it will problably be under a new name. I'll post when we've decided what we're calling ourselves and what our lineup will be, as soon as we know. We'll have a new website then, problably, but this will stay up in case anyone cares.


*UPDATE 9.5.02
I just got a phone call from Brian - Greg has decided to leave the band, for personal reasons. Real life strikes again. :/ We wish him he best... We'll be continuing, with his blessing, possibly as a three piece with myself and Brian trading vocals, or we may try people out on vocals. We'll be retiring two songs: May 8th, and Drinking Coffee and Falling In Love at the All Night Diner, because they're very personal songs that Greg wrote and we feel it wouldn't be right to perform them without him. This problably means we should record yet another demo to reflect the lineup change, ha. We'll keep you posted.


*UPDATE 9.4.02
Buncha news.
-The official demo has been recorded and we made a bunch of copies. The artwork we had originally planned to use has been held up somewhat, so we're sending out copies with a little sleeve that we came up with. If you asked for one, it will be on the way soon. They're $3ppd, wherever, email us to find out where to send your dollars. If you do reviews, you get a freebie. That is, unless you *want* to pay, which we don't mind a bit.
-We have one confirmed show, but the date hasn't been set for it yet and it could be as late as decemeber, the promoter had trouble with the venue. Other than that, we have some leads, we're starting to meet some cool bands, we'll let you know. There may be another show in Eastie at Zumix, but we'd really like to play somewhere else before we all get old.
-We have two mp3s from the Dogbite Demo up on our site, so download those, and tell all your friends. A slightly different version of Her Frozen Icarus is on the demo cd, and And the Lambs Are Lead to Slaughter is also included.
-Not really band news but someone might be interested... I might be writing a column and/or doing some reviews for a webzine. When I know for sure, I'll hook you up with a link.
-New band bios soon, and links to bands that we think are cool.


*UPDATE 7.11.02
A lot has happened since the last update... Andy is out of the band, and has been replaced by some random kid named Sam, who slings a six string... we played our first show with him almost a month ago, at Zumix. Today, we had planned to record our first official demo... but Phil got bitten very badly by a dog. Rather than let our studio time go completely to waste, we laid down three songs with Greg on drums, and we now have the "Dogbite Demo '02" available, if you want a copy get in touch. The tracks are "Slitting Your Wrists on the Company Copy Machine" "And The Lambs Are Lead To Slaughter" and "Her Frozen Icarus". We're going to re-record the demo with Phil on the set in a week or two, so get a copy of this one soon, maybe you'll be able to sell it to dumb kids on eBay in a year or two. The lyrics and explainations for the demo songs are up now, in the lyrics section. We don't have any shows planned at the moment, but if you wanna play with us and you're in New England, get in touch! That's pretty much it...

*UPDATE 1.19.02*
<> the website will be having a facelift soon. andy will be taking over the web duties and it will look pretty...we hope.
<> thanks to everyone who came out to the show last night at the umana. due to technical difficulties and greg being sick, it wasn't as good as we hoped, but i'm glad people still had fun.
<> the demo will be recorded in about two weeks. we're just trying to nail down an exact date we can all agree on and then we will rock.
*one more block to more brick to throw.*