1. RON SUTTER: Sent NHL Brothers card to him, he went the extra mile and got Rich and Brian Sutter to sign it as well. Definitely very much appreciated.

2. HOWIE MEEKER: Sent 2 postcard-sized photos and a really nice letter telling me not to lose faith with the Leafs and that lately the Habs and Leafs have been at the same level. I know he read my letter!

3. TOM GLAVINE: He never signs, wrote him a really great letter and he signed for me. It is such an honor. We're both lefties so I've idolized him for years!

4. LORNE "GUMP" WORSLEY: Didn't think too much of it at the time but it became important less than a week after I received it when he passed away. A great signer right until the end, RIP Mr Worsley.

5. DON CHERRY: Grapes personalized my card and sent 2 other really cool looking postcard sized photos personalized with "my buddy" and signed by his famous dog Blue, complete with dog paw!

6. MIKE FOLIGNO: Wrote in my letter that we were from the same little town in Italy. Wrote on my card "Buona Fortuna!" Cool personalization!

7. BRIAN SKRUDLAND: Sent a postcard and personalized it to me with "Your friend!" A lot better then the usual "best wishes" or "good luck"

8. ARCHIE MANNING: The Patriarch of the greatest football family ever!

9. CHARLIE LEA: Expos legend turned Memphis Redbird announcer. Rare success with him, signed for me. Gotta love the guy for it!

10. RUSS COURTNALL: My favorite player when I was a kid!

11. PAUL MOLITOR: Hall of Famer, only played in Toronto for a while but at a key time in my baseball life. Is a stud for me and a classy guy any day of the week!

12. DEAN KENNEDY: Wins the award for best personalization: "Ride em Loose!" I know he's a rodeo buff so I'm hoping that's what he was referring to!

13. RANDY VELISCHEK: Sent my 2 cards signed, then a week later, I got home to find a package of 10 autographed cards of his! Don't know what I'll do with them all but it all works for me!

14. KELLY GRUBER: My first memory of baseball was the '92 World Series, he was a hero and has always been a personal favorite!

15. DARCY TUCKER: My favorite current NHLer!

16. RICK CERONE: My first ever ttm success. The start of something great!

17. JOE MONTANA: The greatest quarterback to ever walk the face of this earth. It's probably a ghost signer but Joe Montana is Joe Montana!

18. THEOREN FLEURY: One of the most sought after and beloved player in Flames history, was a big part of their team for over a decade. Went through a lot and now he's back on track. A really great story and a really great guy!

19. BRETT HULL: 3 cards from Brett, a sure-fire Hall of Famer and a really great guy!

20. MARQUIS GRISSOM: Hometown favorite, loved him when he was just coming up, he went on to have a terrific career. Wish he woulda spent more time with the Expos.