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A tiny(hee) division of Okamipage.
I love CCS, but not enough to make a huge shrine to it. So I made this for my favorite character(aside from Kerochan)..Touya! ..This isn't much, but as the title states, it's a tiny tribute made for the sake of self-indulgence. Enjoy! ^.^

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Profile : Kinomoto Touya - Touya on the job. Grar. Touya is the older brother of Sakura, heroine of Card Captor Sakura. He's 17, and a junior at Tomoeda High School. Touya takes lots of part-time jobs to earn money for himself; he's been seen waiting tables and feeding penguins, among other things.. ^_^. He's very protective of Sakura(as witnessed when Syaoran or others attack her), and although he enjoys teasing her, he really makes a nice older brother.
Touya also has a friend, Tsukishiro Yukito, a classmate of his from Tomoeda(Sakura has a huge crush on him). Touya is also very protective and kind to Yukito; there seems to be evidence of a deeper relationship there, but the truth remains to be seen. ^_^

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