Because I am hard of hearing, some friends of mine uses the below shown International Fingeralphabet if I couldn't understand some words. It is easy to learn and very helpful to me! Each fingerposition represents one letter. Try to sign your name - it is fun.

And why not send a card written with FingerSpellingFont?? That looks way cool! You can get the font for free download and for both Macintosh and Windows here:

   FingerSpellingFonts  - Fingeralphabet font
Or maybe send them a real postcard with the fingeralphabet printed on the frontside? Download the image and then print it on a thick printing paper. Cut it out and there you go!

     Fingeralphabet postcardThumbnail from Fingeralphabet postcard

And if you own a Windows PC you can also download some animated cursor-signpointers for your desktop!

    SignpointersSignpointers for Desktop

You wanna learn some fingerspelling on your computer? Sure go ahead and download this free software. This application allows the user to read finger-spelled words that are randomly displayed from its built-in, user-customizable dictionary. The speed of spelling is controlled with a scrolling timer. The program also lets you enter words to be finger-spelled on the fly. A game is included as an added exercise. The game tests your finger-spelling speed.

        ASL SLanT: Sign Language Teacher - ASL Teacher

Next thing - how about a free Screen Saver showing some fingerspelling? Just download the free Interactive Sign Language Fingerspelling Screensaver Lite Edition.

            Fingerspelling Screensaver - Screen Saver

Ok, this is not necessary a fingeralphabet thing, though it has the sign for I Love You on it....You need to be on a Mac computer to be able to use them, since they are Mac Desktop Schemes.

           Mac Desktop SchemesDeaf Sign I Love YouDeaf Sign I Love You

                                            Deaf WorldDeaf World

Both Desktop Schemes are created by Brian Auker and can be found on his Scheme webpage here

updated February 25, 2002

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