The Tower Bluffs Community Association is a relatively new and active group located in the Copper River Basin at Milepost 1351.5 on the Alaskan Highway. This Association has a great sense of purpose and can be counted on to work hard on the important issues facing this community. Tower Bluffs Community Association (TBCA) is currently in the process of forming as a non-profit advisory and oversight organization for the unincorporated section four subdivision of Tower Bluffs, Alaska. TBCA plans to hold regular meetings open to all property owners and community members to discuss current issues and concerns.

Tower Bluffs News Ticker Great turnout at the first Tower Bluffs meeting!!!..... Stay tuned for more info on upcomming events and progress by checking the bulleting board here.

Possible Community Issues and Needs:

Water Supply
One of the first basic requirements is an adequate potable water source that can be also be used for fire suppresion, and general cleaning.
Community Storage Area
A storage area that can be used for the secure and safe keeping of tools and equipment of the community members.
Community Designated Lot
A designated section of land or property used to serve the entire community with a pump house, storage facility,community center and other support.

(for further discussion or additional ideas, please visit the bulletin board)