Legends are made...
Egos are crushed...
and Towers Hall of Fame will be indisputable!

These links are in Alphabetical order so there will be no dispute.

K2k's Towers Site
Towers Tourney
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Y!Towers Hall of Fame



Various people of Towers,
Let's take a moment to realize I made this site for the glory and rememberance of others and not my own and I wouldn't trade my own glorification for theirs not in a heart beat the poll was merely added becuase a few people strongly disagreed with me about adding myself however this is only to see the results of what the people of towers as a whole thinks of my skills. I made this Hall of Fame without thinking of the future consequences for everything I try to do to give someone the kind of credit they have earned and deserved yet out of jealousy I'm harrassed over and over continuosly without end. This wasn't made for me it wasn't a toy project and I never meant to cause any dispute over or between players. All in all I'm not sorry this was created I reap what I sow and whats done is done this is my representation of what people and how they should be remembered think you can do better I'm all for it give it a chance but realize what your getting into and then maybe you'll realize the chaos I've been put through for trying to do a favor to Yahoo! Towers the game and the players who play it.