Town Higher  Secondary School ,  Kumbakonam .
Tamilnadu - India .
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Town Higher Secondary School, a Historic School in the Kumbaonam Town since its inception from 14-04-1864 is growing from strength to strength. Some of the distinguished students of THSS excel in various spheres of life.

    V I P S     

  • Mr. N.Kamakodi, MBA., D.G.M., City Union Bank Ltd., Kumbakonam.
  • Mr. T.S.R. Balaji, T.S.R.&Co.,Kumbakonam.
  • Mr. S. Shankaraman, Raman&Raman Pvt. Ltd., Kumbakonam.
  • Mr. Baskar, Southern Railways, Kumbakonam.
  • Mr. Kumara Vadivelu, Selvam Agencies, Kumbakonam.
  • Mr. Sankar HAL, Bangalore.
  • Mr. V. Gugan, Manager in AMP Sanmar, Coimbatore.
  • Mr. S. Pradeep Kumar, Dasarathy Enterprises, Kumbakonam.
  • Mr. J.Jahir Hussain, Great Wing Air Travels, Kumbakonam.
  • Mr. RAYA G. Srinivasan, Kumbakonam.
  • Mr. K.Makesh Chand, Purosoth Vihar, Kumbakonam.
  • Mr. Selvam, B.Com., ICWA - Director, TN Board, Chennai.
  • Mr. A.S. Nageswaran, Dept. of Physical Education, Pudukottai.
  • Mr. J. Swaminathan, Manager, State Bank Of India.
  • Mr. Hariharan B.Com., G.E., Hyderabad.
  • Mr. Srinivasan P.A. to Secretary - UPSC, New Delhi.
  • Mr. Gurusamy Raj, B.Com, ACS, Asst Commissioner, Income Tax Dept., Chennai.
  • Mrs. S. Bhuvaneswari, M.A.,(USA) M.Com., United States Of America.
  • Mr. Rtn. Ravichandran, ROYAL Lab, Kumbakonam.
  • Mr. B. Shanmugan, Hotel Shanmuga, Kumbakonam.
  • Mr. R. Padmanaban, Manager - KMBF, Kumbakonam.
  • Mr. E. Rajasekaran, SD - Engineer (INTERNET), Kumbakonam.
  • Mr. Swaminathan, Software Operator, United States America.
  • Mr. B. Sudhagar, Infosys, Bangalore.
  • Mr. Murali, City Union Bank, Kumbakonam.

  •     DOCTORS     

    Some of the leading Doctors of this town and also in the various parts of the world who originated from this historic school are,

  • Dr. S. Thiagarajan
  • Dr. S. Ravi
  • Dr. R. Chandrasekar
  • Dr. N. Rathika
  • Dr. Chitra Vasigaran
  • Dr. P.T. Vimala
  • Dr. Jothilakshmi
  • Dr. Bharathi
  • Dr. G.S. RathaKrishnan
  • Dr. T. Madhavan
  • Dr. Veeraraghavan
  • Dr. Ashwin
  • Dr. S. Parthsarathy
  • Dr. R. Sudhagar
  • Dr. Anandthi
  • Dr. V. Ramachandran M.S.
  • Dr. V. Aravind
  • Dr. Kasiraman
  • Dr. V. Thiagarajan
  • Dr. T. Chandramohan
  • Dr. B. Ashok
  • Dr. Aathikrishnan M.D.
  • Dr. Jevo

  •     ENGINEERS     

    Some of the leading Engineers of this town and also in the various parts of the world who originated from this historic school are,

  • Mr. R. Prabhakar B.E., U.S.A.
  • Mr. R. Baskar B.E., Wipro.
  • Mr. Sridharan B.E.
  • Mr. Ram Prabhu B.E.
  • Mr. Mathuranathan B.E.
  • Mr. Madhavan B.E.
  • Mr. C. Ravichandran B.E.
  • Mr. R. Elayaravi B.E., L&T Infotech, Chennai.
  • Mr. B.R. Sankar Anand B.E., C.T.S., Bangalore


  • Mr. V. Ganesan C.A., Kumbakonam.
  • Mr. J. Mohan C.A., Kumbakonam.
  • Mr. A.Viswanathan C.A., Kumbakonam.
  • Mr. Jaishankar C.A., Kumbakonam.
  • Mr. Kasiraman C.A., SBI Capital Issues, Chennai.
  • Mr. Ganapathi Subramanian C.A., Chennai.
  • Mr. Giri C.A., ICICI Infotech, Chennai.
  • Mr. A.B. Kannan C.A., Chennai.
  • Mr. J. Aravindan C.A., Chennai.
  • Mr. Guru Shankar C.A., Chennai.
  • Mr. Prasanna C.A., Chennai.
  • Mr. J. Sriraman C.A., Chennai.
  • Mr. Ramanathan C.A., Chennai.
  • Mr. B. Ravichandran C.A., L&T, Chennai.
  • Mr. Anantharaman C.A., Suri&Co., Chennai.
  • Mr. Balaji C.A.,Tiruppur.
  • Mr. Thulasiraman C.A., Tiruppur.
  • Mr. Gopi C.A., Polaris, Mumbai.
  • Mr. Sri Krishnan C.A., Twin Towers, Malaysia.
  • Mr. C. Prakash C.A., Gulf.
  • Mr. P.V.S. Balaji C.A., Namibia.
  • Mr. Harikrishnan C.A., Dubai.

  •     LAWYERS     

  • Mr. K. Chakkarapani, Senior Lawyer in Civil, Kumbakonam.
  • Mr. S. Balaraman, Advocate, Kumbakonam.
  • Mr. Pugazhendi, Advocate, Kumbakonam.
  • Mr. K. Annadurai, Advocate, High Court, Chennai.
  • Mr. N. Vijayaraj, Advocate, High Court, Chennai.
  • Given is only a list of our Old Students Shining in different fields and keeping in touch with us . We Wish that many more of our Students Works in Different parts of the world to make us know about them and their Service .

    If you want to register yourself in the Old Boys Association , mail at