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140   Years   of    Illustrious   Educational    Service   
-- A  Journey  towards  Educational  excellence --  

ESTABLISHED : 14-04-1864

A glance at the history of " Town Higher Secondary School ".


                   It was popularly known as Town High School till 1978. It was upgraded as Town Higher Secondary School in the year 1978.

                 Being an outstanding educational institution in Tamilnadu, it celebrated its centenary celebration on 20.09.1964. It is in the heart and centre of Cauvery delta, Kumbakonam. Kumbakonam is a city of temples. Town High School is also a temple in the sense that it serves the cause of the education.

                   It has played a part in the cultural life of Kumbakonam. 20 Past Headmasters have striven with a remarkable amount of enthusiasm and devotion for the success of the educational endeavours of the School. The first Headmaster of the Town High School was Mr.Martin. The first graduate Headmaster was Mr.V.K.Ramanujachariyar. The two predecessors as Headmasters before I entered this institution are late S.Ragavachari and Mr.K.Venkatraman. The School today has a new appearance with renovated buildings in this campus. The strength of the School is 3508, ( both boys and girls together ) and nearly 138 teaching and non-teaching members of the staff are working in this institution today.

                   The Town High School Association and the School Committee is a registered one. The enlightened Management has been doing its best for the development of the institution. Dr.T.Sitaraman is the President of the School Committee. Mr.N.Navaneethakrishnan, B.A.,B.L., is the Secretary of Town Higher Secondary School, Kumbakonam.

                   Since the School has internet facilities in the campus itself. The School has mostly all facilities like Xerox system, Computerised Departments, Live telecast system in the campus and Generator facilities. Every class has a fan and a light. Computer education at the higher secondary level is improved in this School. " Only thing is to be noted, the Library of this School is to be renovated with pucca infrastructure and it is the need of the hour to develop the same and we need a lot of books " .

Early founders of the Primary School

  1. Mr.Raghunathaswamy Rao

  2. Rao Bahadur T.Gopala Rao

  3. Mr. Gopu Subbraya Chettiar

It was run with donations and subscriptions from the public.

  • It was born first as a Primary School in the mandapam ( DRESSING ROOM ) on the banks of the river Cauvery at Bagavad Padithurai.

  • Secondly, the School was then housed in two houses in the T.S.R. Big Street, Kumbakonam.

  • Thirdly, the then Principal of Government College, Mr.Porter was responsible for upgrading the School into a High School. He transferred the lower classes of the Provincial School to this School and the Provincial School under his stewardship became a college. In the loving memory of the Principal Mr.Porter, the Porter Town Hall was constructed in this town.

Mr.P.Thampuswamy Mudaliar gave his 7 acres of land at a lower cost to the School Committee and he personally supervised and constructed the Main Building with Two Wings and Central Hall is today popularly known as Ramanujam Hall. The Main Building was opened by the D.P.I. Mr.Duncan, in 1892.

The first batch of the Matriculation examinations was sent in 1887.

The Eastern Block ( Primary Block ) was constructed in 1905. The Laboratory Block was constructed in 1950.

Library was constructed in loving memory of the reputed Headmaster, Kulapathy R.Swaminatha Iyer and it was opened by Rt.Honourable V.S.Srinivasa Sastry, the silver tongued orator in English.

The first floor of the main building was constructed by A.Subramania Iyer, the Secretary in 1950 - 51. It was opened by Dr.Sir C.P.Ramaswamy Iyer on 28.04.1955. The first floor of the Library was constructed in 1960. It was opened by Sri Kandasamy Moopanar, a member of the School Committee on 08.09.1960.

Srinivasa Ramanujan birth Centenary was celebrated on 02.12.1987 and the Engineering Block was reconstructed with two floors in the loving memory of Srinivasa Ramanujan Block. The Primary Block was reconstructed on 1.01.96 with a floor and is named as Thambuswamy Mudaliar Block as a mark of respect for the service rendered by him.

The margosa trees in the front have become very aged and most of them have been replaced by new ones and T.H.S.S looks green even today with young margosa trees.

Notable Old boys of this School :

  1. Srinivasa Ramanujan
  2. T.T.Krishnamachari ( Ex-Finance Minister of the Union Govt. Of India )
  3. Dr.Rangachari of Sarukkai ( His Statue is found in the Govt. Hospital, Chennai )
and many others like story writers, novelists, dramatists, Civil Servants, Cine artists, Musicians from this School have contributed a lot for the nation.

As the Headmaster and Old Student of this School, I will be failing in my duty if I do not mention the services rendered by my Headmasters namely Mr.S.Ragavachari and Mr.K.Venkataraman.


Srinivasa Ramanujan started in recording his mathematical results in 1903 at the age of 15 or 16.

He died in 1920 at the age of 32.

T.H.S.S stands for Town Higher Secondary School and T is for Truth , H stands for Honour , S stands for Service and S stands for Sacrifice .

T.H.S.S is the emblem of the Town Higher Secondary School today.

Today students of Town Higher Secondary School are everywhere around the globe. Town Higher Secondary School can be, still more, further, developed if every old boy of this School thinks for a moment. " Little drops of water make a mighty ocean" is a proverb. If every one donates, say, a single dollar or book worth a dollar at least once in a year his/her School will serve for many centuries in the cause of education. If kind or cash is sent in the name of " The Secretary, Town Higher Secondary School " for the development of the building or library of this School, your School will be in bloom for years together.

Everyday in
every way
I am becoming
better and better.

Our School's onward march towards educational excellence continues……

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