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" Ramanujam is a mathematical prodigy ", said Professor G.H.Hardy. It was he who brought the genius to the light. He was born on 22nd December 1887 at Erode. In a " THINNAI SCHOOL " he was taught by Sukkilecheri Subramai Iyer. Later the whole family was shifted to Kumbakonam and settled here. He continued his elementary education in Kangeyam Primay School. In 1898, he entered the Portals of Town Higher Secondary School where his profficiency in mathematics got sharpened up.

The hard working Ramanujam mastered Loni's Trigonometry and some of the critical work of G.H.Car. His sharp and hard questions surprised his masters. Realising his unquencing thirst in mathematics, his teachers encouraged him to widen his knowledge in all the ways. He came first in Matriculation examination.

As Ramanujam had profound interest only in mathematics, he failed to get F.A. degree in Arts College, Kumbakonam and also in Pachyyappan College, Chennai. His genius was recognised by Professor G.H.Hardy and he invited him to England. Ramanujam joined as a research student of the Trinity College. His great ability to solve the problems easily, drew the attention of the world Mathematicians. Praises were heaped upon him. He was honoured with B.A. degree by the Cambridge University. Ironically he was denied F.A. degree in India. The people of London Royal Society honoured him with the title of " FELLOW OF ROYAL SOCIETY " .

We lost the genius when he was just 33 years old due to illness. To honour the great student of our Town Higher Secondary School , we celebrated RAMANUJAM CENTENARY in a grand way in 1987. A big hall was named after him in our school. His house in Kumbakonam is turned as a monument.


S.Ramanujan is he greatest mathematician of the world. He shines and shines almost a lonely star in the firmament of mathematics. Mystery in Ramanujan works can be explained and understood only by those who have faith in the Indian Tradition. For others it is only institution without reasoning.

According to Ramanujan, a high composite number N8 is a positive integer which has more divisors than any number less than N.

In the paper on highly composite numbers by Ramanujan, we come across a table of highly composite numbers which seems to be a useful tool in solving certain arithmetical problems.

Prof.Borewrin states that any super complex numbers would only find Ramanujan's approximation to "z pi " as correct which makes us pronounce, "Na bhooto Na bhavishyathi" ( There was none like him, There will none like him ). Being the youngest man and an Indian, Ramanujan was elected to the Fellow of the Royal Society in 1980.

Ramanujan's notes speak of infinite sequence which later on proved to be true though they were conjectures.

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