You found the *Town Map.
Way to go, man.
Haven't you heard? There are five.

(in alphanumeric order)

Zane Ball - Keys, Vox
Alex Grigalunas - Mandolin, Gtr, Vox
Paul Hedges - Drums
Whit Matteson - Gtr, Vox
Justin Spengler - Bass, Vox

Want to hear music?
Send an AOL-endorsed Instant Message to agtrTownMap and you will get your music. Maybe.

get this, a short snippet from a crappy recording. It's quite inspirational. Featuring Alex on guitar and Zane on a cost-effective keyboard.

Apparently we've also got some

Exit 138
Leaden Hands
My Machine
Sleeping By Spiders
Waltz For a Mistaken Identity
Why Why Why Why Why?
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