These are my friends so elegantly dubbed the SHINA'S!! LOL Long Story!  Goin from L-R here the names are! Top Row  Mindy, Me, Judy (Nickname JOOJ)Stays up late and sleeps all day HA HA, Linsey  (LINDS)Dunno what to say bout her!, Bottom row Jenn(Big-D) Best dyke u will ever meet HA, Heather!
The guy on the Right is Chris! I have no clue who the guy on the Left is! HA HA Well anyway chris is kool 2! He is Mad Chill!
What I might look like as a skeleton!
           |                                    |
         \       |      /                                         \     |    /
           \     |     /                                           \    |   /
             \   |   /                                              \   |  /
               \ | /                                                  \ | /
This is Another friend named Heather! She is mad funny and I wish I could c her more often but I have no clue where she lives anymore and won't be able to c her for a couple weeks!
This is the best band EVER! Linkin Park!! Plus they have the hottest guy in da wold! Mike Shinoda(Far Left!)