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This page is about the truth. THE TRUTH.

You may have wondered about the truth prior to finding this webpage. Wonder no more! For in these pages lies the truth about anything you want to know. If by any chance there is something not in these pages you would want to know, we DO have an answer. Just ask.

Please take these opinions and conform to them to your definition of the truth. In an attempt to re-educate the world on what is right, people will object.  Firstly, fuck you. Then, let us know and shortly thereafter your name will appear on the crucifixion list.

Now, some may take this page as a hate page about everything and everyone. This is not the case. Notice, we do have a "things we love" page. Though it is short, it is in fact significant.

Make note of the disclaimer at the bottom and enjoy...
Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in these pages are our personal beliefs. This page is meant for entertainment only.