Me and the Boys! Vintage toys.
Our site is dedicated to the child in us all. We hope  you  enjoy our site; it features the vintage toys  that I collect with my boys.
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Our adventure started one day when I unpacked a box. We  brought the box with us when we moved from our former residence. The box contained a vintage 1960's G.I. Joe and five vintage pressed steel trucks from the same era. Four of the trucks were vintage Buddy L's and one was a vintage Structo. The box also contained a vintage Donald Duck toy, a vintage Pelham Pinocchio puppet, and an old friction car. The real find was my Linemar Smoking Spaceman Robot from the 1960's. My boys thought all the toys were cool and wanted to play with them right away.

We  go to antique stores, flea markets, and yard sales to look for vintage toys to buy.
In our collection we have toys that we bought while on vacation in other states. These toys are very special to us. I'm sure that, in the future, we will see these toys and remember a special time that we shared years earlier.

Please view the pictures in our photo gallery and take a stroll down memory lane. Maybe you'll see a vintage toy you had as a child and it will bring back good memories. Please remember to sign our
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"Enjoy our toys!!!"

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