The Fighting Furies were produced by Matchbox or also known by Lesney. This toy line was released in 1974. Matchbox released 3 figures from the pirates set. The figures are Captain Peg Leg, Hook and The Ghost of Captain Kidd. Ten different clothing sets were available as well as 2 different pirate ships. The Fighting Furies toy line only lasted a couple of years.
Captain Peg Leg. He came with a map hidden inside his peg leg. The peg leg has a cap on it to keep the map inside.
Above and to the right is The Ghost of Captain Kidd. Captain Kidd was a glow in the dark figure. When you turned off the lights his skeleton would glow. In the picture above, he was only available in the USA by mail order through Sears.. He was availble in Europe in the packaging you see to the right.
This is the Sea Fury released only in Sears stores. This Sea Fury is a lot different from the regular Sea Fury available in all other toy stores. Both Sea Furies folded into a carrying case but the Sears edition folded out into a full pirate ship. The regular Sea Sury folded out into just the back of the ship. See the picture below for the regular Sea Fury.
The Sea Fury-----regular version
This is Captain Patch. He was released during the downfall of the Fighting Furies. Matchbox sold him along with 2 or more of the deluxe sets. Captain Patch is a rip off of Mego's Captain Patch and Jean Lafitte. His head is the same as Mego's Captain Patch except Matchbox put his patch on his right eye instead of his left. His clothes are basicaly the same as Mego's Jean Lafitte.