Above is Tron, Flynn, Sark and The Warrior.
Tomy released the Tron toy line in 1982 with the release of the movie. To the left is the back
of the figures card.
20th Anniversary
From the original mold, Neca has produced the Light Cycles in yellow, red and a new color blue.
This time the light cycles come with figures. These 3 figures are made in translusive black.
             FLYNN                                      TRON                                     SARK                                 WARRIOR
2002 celebrated the 20th anniversary of Tron. Neca re-released the original Tomy toy line of tron. Neca released the original figures on new cards limited to 10,000. They also released them on the original cards limited to 1,000. Neca released the original 2 colors of the light cycles including a new color, blue.
The light cycles were released with a figure made in a translusive black.
Tomy also released 2 Light Cycles in red and yellow
This Light Cycle is about half of the size from the ones above. This Light Cycle was released for the toy store "Toy City". Toy City went out of buisness in the late 80's. It is said that a toy company in Canada produced these Light Cycles. They made this Light Cycle in 4 different colors. If you look in the bottom left portion of the black plastic you can see "Toy City".