Noel McCabe (toymeistr)
5th National Models and Hobbies Expo

Over the 3 days of Labour Weekened (October 1997) I exhibited many of my toys at the expo which was held at Capital E in Civic Square, Wellington.

I was aked by my friend Steve if I'd be interested in exhibiting. It was the first time I had displayed my toys in public and it was great to have them unpacked and appreciated. I even spoke with director Peter Jackson who had come to the show about them while I was still setting up on Saturday morning. Obviously my toys are not as good as the ones he has on his sets.

Other exhibits included Playmobil, K'Nex, Meccano, Teddy Bears, Props from special effects company Weta, Police Collectors Club, Plane, Trains and Automobiles and Steve's Trucks and Cranes. Pictures of my toys are as follows.

Some miscellaneous toys including Star Wars Collector Fleet ships, Gargoyles Goliath, Jurassic Park Bull T-Rex & Velociraptor, Talking Duke Ghidorah and Godzilla. In the back I have a Spiderman figure as well as a Narn, C-3PO and Emperor mask.
Sci-Fi cabinet includes (From top left), RoboCops, Aliens, Predators, Thunderbirds, 9" Star Trek
(From bottom Left) Star Wars old and new, 18" Talking Freddy Krueger, Batman, Gorzak and Star Wars 3 3/4"
Miscellaneous table includes (from left) Action Man, Marvel Comics, Terminator, The Tick, Flintstones, Super Mario Brothers, Hercules, Mars Attacks, ID4, Tarzan, Battlestar Galactica, Toy Story and Animatronic banks at back (Gargoyles, Batman, Darth Vader and Buzz Lightyear).
(from left) Reboot, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Wrestling, Marvel Comics and Spawn the Movie. Batman vehicles on floor.
Playmates Star Trek ships and figures.
As there was an old model of Wellington, I decided to have Godzilla attack my old work building.