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The Morning Crew at 91ZM (my favorite radio station) have a segment each weekday morning called 'Blow Your Own Trumpet'. People call in with things they've done that they're proud of, and are given RTD's ('ready to drink' spirit mixes) as a reward for calling. I was proud of the fact I now had some of my toys in our national museum so I called up and talked with husband and wife team Grant Kereama and Pauline Gillespie. I knew that Grant loved sci-fi and would probably be interested in the toys I had on display.

I managed to tape most of segment, just click below to play (it may take a few minutes to load). To save to your hard drive, right click on the icon and select 'Save Target As' or 'Copy Link Location' depending on your browser.

713kb  66sec.

And my Tattoo's (Vodka and Cranberry juice) arrived the next day.

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