Carolyn Ryan  Nightline 

On 3 July 2000 I was interviewed by Tony Field, a reporterfrom TV3 about my toy collection. Tonyfound out about me from the CapitalTimes article about my toys on display at TePapa. He contacted Te Papa and arranged a time for an interview infront of my display. It was decided there that the display was not largeenough for a full story and more material would be needed. So Tony interviewedClemency Boyce from Te Papa who had arranged the exhibit and I was interviewedat home showing more of my collection.

The segment aired at approx 10:50pm on Thursday 4 July2000 on TV3's Nightline and lasted for 2 minutes 24 seconds.
My segment was mentioned in 4 promos that night, 3before Nightline during the MTV awards and 1 during Nightline itself.
Below is a screen capture of my interview.

Carolyn Ryan
Tony Field Clemency Boyce
AVI  1,625kb
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Special thanks to:

 Reporter: Tony Field
Anchor: Carolyn Ryan
Te Papa Liason: ClemencyBoyce
Video Conversion: WayneAnderson

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